#124 (treehouse accommodations)

It’s been about five months since S and I have been dating. As our relationship continues to grow I wanted to get to know S more not just how she reacts to situations but how she is away from her kids and her normal routine and familiar surroundings. 

One of the things we talked about was experiencing a longer vacation. It just so happened that a few months prior I found a resort that had a tree house available that matched our timeline of when her kids were off on vacation with their father. So I booked it. 

Have you ever been excited about doing new things and can’t wait to get there and experience it. So that’s how I felt and couldn’t wait to actually stay in a treehouse. S was equally excited. 

Finally the day arrived when we would be on our week vacation and staying in a treehouse. Just to add to the adventure, we also decided to meander and not take any major freeways. With all our meandering via small towns and stopping off for local foods, we arrived at our treehouse resort well before the sun settled into the horizon. 

Check in was 3:30pm and we arrived about an  hour later. A few days prior to our arrival I had called and confirmed the roads to and from the resort we were staying were paved. The lady helping me confirmed, “Sam, you’ll be fine driving your sports car. All the roads are paved.”

Well…that was partly true. The roads were paved until the cabin areas. It was all loose gravel from that point onward including the road to their beach area where stand up paddle boarding and kayaking  can be experienced. After checking in, I drove my convertible to our “treehouse” and unloaded. 

Yep the “treehouse” accommodations I rented was actually cabin on a hillside and not an actual treehouse. S and I were disappointed that it wasn’t an actual treehouse. But all in all the cabin was nicely decorated with creature comforts like a kitchenette, couch, bed, and a bathroom with running hot water. 

Yes we were glamping (camping glamorously)…

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