#125 (hiking Dungeness Spit)

There is a small city in Washington state that lays claim to the nations longest spit aptly known as the Dungeness Spit. Now what exactly is a spit. I learned a spit is a solid land mass created by nature from sand and other debris such as rocks, shells, and etc. and is formed over time by the ocean which literally “spits” these items into a massive pile. Not that I’m an expert but that’s what the placards say. 

The Dungeness Spit Trail is a 10.2 mile trail that features a lighthouse and is primarily used for hiking, camping, and horseback riding (although none were spotted the day we hiked).  

The entrance to the spit is via the Dungeness Recreation Area. There is a nominal fee to enter the national park and there are signage to not remove any of the rocks, driftwood, or other items from the spit.

Be sure to allow more time as most of the trail is on sandy soil and thus hiking is slower than walking on normal solid ground. 

The trail starts off near the restrooms and is paved. The pavement continues until the ocean comes into view where it then becomes a dirt and gravel path which continues down to the beach where it then transitions to a sandy path. Once you hit the beach, it’s all sand. 

I only had a couple of hours and was able to go half way before I had to turn back. It’s a beautiful and flat hike with lots of opportunities to find driftwood and various colored rocks. You might even find an agate or two. 

The next time I return to Sequim, WA I’ll complete this trail and reach the lighthouse.

Hike #7 summary:

  • place: Dungeness Spit in Sequim, WA
  • miles hiked: 5 miles
  • trail type: in and back
  • elevation change: 181′
  • weather: sunny with a slight breeze
  • temp: middle to high 60s 
  • hiking time: 2 hours because we stopped and made a cairn 

#hiking #trails #outdoors #living #dingenessspit #pacificnorthwest #menshealth #sequimwashington


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