#126 (first time kayaking)

In all my life until a few days ago, I’ve never been kayaking. I know you’re saying “What?” But it’s true. This transplanted 51 years old Texan had never been on a kayak mainly because I’m also not a very good swimmer and not fond of water sports. Never had. That is until a few days ago. 

At the resort where I rented the “treehouse”, which was actually a cabin, there was also a very tiny marina where they rented kayaks and paddle boards. So S and I decided we’d go on my very first adventure of kayaking. 

I was outfitted with a personal floating device, which in the old days we called a life preserver. I think I like the new name better as it’s less shocking especially for those of us who haven’t done many water activities or water sports. 

The lake we were on was relatively flat as we set out from the marina. We were instructed to stay close to shore and informed them we would most likely take an hour. The owner said , “they’ll keep an eye out for us” as she helped us onto our water vessels. S was on the paddle board and I was in a kayak. The kayak I was given to use was the type that sat on top of the water. It was very easy to maneuver and I felt safe that it wouldn’t easily tip over. 

The scenery from our water vessels were incredible and we were able to view things that couldn’t be seen from a hike. Marine life such as small jellyfish and sea plants were abundant and plentiful closer to the shoreline. 

The waters remained calm with a very slight chop as we rounded a bend and headed more inland. On return trip back to the marina, S thought it was harder paddling back as we now were facing a slight breeze. I thought it was easier but then again I was in a kayak and she was on a paddle board. 

Being on the water in a kayak was a great experience and one that I would repeat again. Next time I’ll bring my camera. We had a great time and I highly recommend going out on a kayak if you’ve never done it. 

Maybe next time I’ll try the paddle board…

#kayaking #standuppaddleboarding #outdoors #living #pacificnorthwest #menshealth #sequimwashington


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