I’m #127 (Avett Brothers concert)

Avett Brothers is S’s favorite band and for our fifth month anniversary as a dating couple, I bought us tickets to their Thursday (July 21st) concert in Edgefield. Edgefield is one of the properties owned by the McMenamins company. 

We were coming off of our Washington state road trip and had five hours to get to the concert. We made good time and we were in line to enter about 5pm, 30 minutes before we were allowed to enter the concert lawn. The line was long for my standards but according to S we were early and would get great seats. I’ve not been to a lawn concert so I’m leaving it up to my expert. 

As we were waiting to enter through the entrance, our IDs  were checked and were provided with wrist bands that indicated we were old enough to drink an alcoholic beverage. 

Finally the gates were opened and S grabbed my hand and led us to the area near the stage where we would setup our temporary blanket. We secured our spots near the stage and then headed out to the food and beverage areas. Everything was cash only. There was an ATM machine, but luckily I took out enough cash beforehand and bought our meals and beverages. 

We returned to our secured spot in front of the stage and ate our food and sipped our beer and wine. I was a bit apprehensive being too close to the front near the speakers as I’m thinking it would be too loud, would be crammed, and possibly get trampled. After all I watched the news, and isn’t that what they want us to believe (ha!). 

The concert started and I was pleasantly surprised that the decibel levels were not loud at all and was not crowded or jammed in like sardines. ​I actually had ample room and was mesmerized and in awe at the energy this group produced from their first song to their encore songs. 

If you’re ever near a live concert for the Avett Brothers, take the opportunity to see them live. 

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