#128 (WA State road trip: Sequim)

S and I had previously talked about a road trip and in our planning we decided to drive around the state of Washington. At one point in our lives, we both lived in WA state and within ten miles from each other. I lived on the outskirts of Vancouver,WA and she lived in Washougal, WA. What were the odds!

We decided to take our road trip during the same week her kids were vacationing with their dad. Part of our plans were to take roads less traveled which meant for us no freeways were to be taken. We mapped a general direction and set off on Monday morning. 

For breakfast, we stopped off in a town named Longview, WA. We’ve stopped here before and were familiar with the menu. We ordered, ate, filled up my gas tank, and set off on a highway neither of us have traveled. 

We made several stops along the way to explore which included an old covered bridge in Grays River, WA. We stopped for lunch at a small town named Hamma Hamma, WA home to oyster farming. It was a quaint town and would not have discovered the great food had we traveled on a major highway. 

We shared half a dozen of fresh oysters on the half shell, half a dozen of grilled oysters, and a bowl of steamer clams. We washed it down with a locally brewed beer. Actually she drank the beer and I took a few sips just to get the flavor. Beer and oysters is a great food combination. 

We continued our meandering and drove through other small towns none of which were exciting. We both wondered what folks did in those small towns as there were no industries other than farming. 

Our accommodations for the first two nights were in a town named Sequim, WA. I wrote about our accommodation in a separate post (#124 treehouse accommodations). The link to that post is here: http://wp.me/s70WJj-124 

Sequim is a little larger than the towns we drove through and had restaurants and grocery store chainsq and a Walmart. 

Our first night, we ate at a restaurant named Blondie’s Plate that Yelp claimed to have the best ratings. 

One of the main reasons for selecting this restaurant were because of reviews stating their tapas were the best. We both thought the food was mediocre at best although three of the five tapas dishes we ordered were okay. The best item was the desert. We gave our review on Yelp as we typically do after trying out establishments that were new to us. 

We gave it 3.5 stars…

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