#129 (WA State road trip: Port Angeles)

Although we stayed in Sequim,WA, we visited the next biggest neighboring town called Port Angeles, which was about a 30 minute drive. Similar to Sequim, Port Angeles is located on the water and is very picturesque and quaint with many boutique shops and restaurants. 

For our second night, we dined at a Thai restaurant called “Jasmine Bistro”, which also served some tapas dishes. They had a salmon wrapped in banana leaves and a coconut sauce that was a spectacular dish. These tapas were much better than the tapas we had the prior night. We rated this restaurant a 4.5 out of 5. 

After dinner, we found a fishing pier nearby and decided to walk off our dinner. There were lots of people on the pier with their fishing poles stretched out over the railing. However as we walked closer, we discovered these folks were not fishing for fish. Instead they were actually fishing for squid. What??!!

I’ve witnessed my cousin in the Philippines fishing for squid, but had never seen folks fishing for squid here in the US. It was an odd scene. “Squiding” gear is similar to what I’ve seen in the Philippines where only a shiny hook is used to catch them. There were no bait (artificial or live), on their hooks. 

In talking to several fishermen and women, squid apparently swarm during this time of the year and mostly caught beginning at dusk and throughout the night. There is a limit of 5 quarts per person, which is a lot of squid or should I say calamari. 

The chill in the air set in quickly as the sun began to set. S and I left the fishing pier and quickly walked back to my car where I turned on the heater. Imagine that! A heater in month of July! 

We drove back to our treehouse cabin in Sequim and prepared for our next day’s adventures. 

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