#130 (WA State road trip: Forks)

The next morning we checked out of our treehouse cabin lodging and headed for breakfast in Port Angeles as we decided to explore more of this city’s attraction. 

Breakfast was just okay although the ratings on Yelp were high. We left and walked off our breakfast while we shopped in the nearby shops. Murals were a common site as we walked and visited this town. 

S and I found a few treasures in an antique shop and vowed to ourselves that we would come back and tour this town again one day. 

We drove west and headed for the town made famous by the Twilight series. One thing we both didn’t enjoy was the scenery on the western side of Washington state. Most of the roads we selected were lined with forests and not the pretty scenic type. 

We drove in a tunnel of trees for hours. There were ever so slight glimpses of the ocean which required us to stop. Unfortunately there were no pull outs or viewing areas that allowed visitors to view the ocean. Very disappointing WA state!!

Many of the towns that we drove through were so small they only had one or two buildings that hosted their source for groceries and sundry supplies. After many hours of driving through the boring scenery, we finally arrived in Forks, WA. 

Since the Twilight series was based on this town of Forks, WA, you would think there would be some kind of touristy attraction. We found none and were very disappointed. We stopped and grabbed a bite to eat at one of the local burger joints called Sully’s, which was referenced in the Twilight books. Nothing big to write home about as the burger and ice cream cone were plain tasting and non memorable. 

We also decided to stop in one of the souvenir shops thinking there would be some desirable memorabilia but nothing were found. S looked online and discovered that the Twilight movies were not even filmed in this town. Rather the movie series were filmed mostly in various parts of Oregon, not too far from Portland, OR.

We drove away disappointed and in disbelief…

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