#132 (week 22 dating summary)

I’ve been dating S for 22 weeks and last week was the week we were together for the longest period of time – seven days and six nights. 

It’s funny how when you only spend a day with a person, you don’t witness or experience all the little things they do and vice versa. If you want to really know a person, spend a lot of time with that person. 

I definitely learned a couple of things about S on this trip. Firstly, there are phrases she says that did and would continue to annoy me. Secondly I’m learning what she says isn’t always what she means. I guess the pet peeves are surfacing. 

For example the over use of the phrase “I don’t know ” was getting on my nerves by the third day of our road trip. I would ask, “What are you hungry for?” And she would reply, “I don’t know.” Another question, “What would you like to do tomorrow?” And her response, “I don’t know.”

Now the questions were of a personal opinion not a trivia game question or fact based quiz type questions. So I would have expected answers based on her personal wants and desires. What does it mean that her response is “I don’t know”? 

I later learned that her “I don’t know” were interchangeable with “I don’t care”.  Had I known that I would have responded differently and provided suggestions instead of just awkward silence. 

During our recap conversation about our Washington trip, I also learned of her contradictory comments. She shared after we returned to my house (must have been over breakfast on Friday), “I felt helpless because I didn’t contribute to the driving.”  Okay I thought to myself, “good to know I don’t have to do all the driving.”  So later that day she was spending the afternoon and early evening with one of her best friends and we had to meet her downtown. The time with her best friend was a pre planned event and we’d meet up afterwards for drinks. As we were leaving my house to meet up with her friend, I asked her, “Do you want to drive?” She responded, “No. I’d be too nervous driving your car.” 

So again the confusion came. Did she not just tell me earlier that morning that she wanted to contribute in the driving area…and now the opportunity presented itself and she declined. I really don’t get it. So I called her out on her response and she replied, “I have to drive your car without you in it first. That way I can get over my nervousness of driving it.”

“Huh?? What the heck does that mean?, I asked myself in my head while responding with, “Oh, okay.” 

Women, no matter their age, are very complex and complicated creatures. However I still like this lady enough to not throw in the towel. 

On to the next adventures with S…

#singleasianmale #buddingromance #dating #relationship #life 


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