#133 (and the work outs begin)

It’s been about four months since I last worked out and feel like I haven’t worked out before now. It’s amazing how my body quickly acclimated to the sedimentary lifestyle and became out of shape – again!

I’ve also restarted the practice of eating six small meals. As the experts say, eating is the majority of the work out. I’m not dieting as I’m not prohibiting food cravings, I’m just having smaller meals but spread out every 3 hours. 

I don’t diet because I don’t believe in diets or fad eating regimes. I think you should enjoy the goodness of food- I just try not to over indulge. So you’re probably curious, “What foods have you eliminated?” I actually haven’t eliminated any foods but had in the past successes curtailed the amount of food eaten at one sitting. 

For example my biggest vice is a great southern meal consisting of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn on the cob. Yes that’s one meal and yes there’s nothing green colored!! But it’s okay as long as I make sure I only have one small serving, again just enough to satisfy the cravings. 

Another example is snacking. I don’t snack typically, but when I do, I’ll have one bite of a great chocolate chip cookie, or a great oatmeal cookie, or even a very thin slice of pie or cake depending on what my body is wanting. Or if I’m wanting sushi, I’ll have one roll. 

Speaking of sushi, one of the things I have noticed, which is the hardest for me is not being able to eat a ton of white rice. I’m Filipino and my family grew up on this main staple. So I’ll still have a bite or two when I get a strong craving. 

My reasoning for giving into my food cravings is simple. If I don’t satisfy them, I’ll eat everything in my cupboard and/or wind up over eating, which is counterproductive. I’ll be transparent. I used to be 240+ lbs, wore XXL  shirts, and had a size 44 waistline. 

After altering my food intake and adding a 30 minute workout routine, I dropped to 162 lbs, M size shirts, and my waistline shrunk to 32. Unfortunately, in the last four months where I’ve not worked out or watched my food intake, I’ve sadly climbed back up to 172lbs. I’m still in size M shirts (but barely), and waistline is now between 32-33. Size 32 is sadly really tight. 

Day 1…done….

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