#135 (new ghost busters movie)

I’m usually not a big fan in watching movies in theaters mainly because of the cost. But it was date night with S and we decided to see a movie. The movie that worked best for our schedule was the new Ghostbusters movie. 

If you’ve seen one ghostbuster movie, you’ve basically seen them all. This one wasn’t any different. The twist was instead of the four ghost busting men and a lady receptionist this version were four ghost busting women and a male receptionist. 

Now there were funny lines in the movie but the story line was relatively the same as the originals. This version actually combined both of the previous ghostbuster movies into a single movie where you had a portrait, a building that acted as the channel for bringing in ghosts, big ghost in the end, and the reverse of the channel to send the ghosts back to the dimension that came from. 

Cameos of the original cast members were imbedded through out the movie, which a nice touch.

S and I gave it two thumbs down.

#singleasianmale #buddingromance #dating #relationship #life #ghostbustersmovie


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