#136 (Chinese food and Pokemon Go)

This past week was my older son’s birthday so we planned my visit with him and his live in girlfriend on the upcoming weekend. Traffic was extraordinarily heavy due to some car fire and typical Friday afternoon traffic. 

I absolutely hate traffic so I tried to stay off the main roads and took the backroads as much as I can. Especially if I’m traveling on a Friday. Long story short, what normally would take 3.5 hours took 6 hours to get from my house to my son’s house. 

What a drive! Luckily my kids (btw – I call both my son and his girlfriend my kids) came up with dinner plans and an after dinner we walked down to the marina. They live in a town named Des Moines, WA and they live a couple of blocks from the banks of the shore. 

My son still hadn’t made it home when I arrived. So his girlfriend and I went to get our Chinese food dinner which was only a few minutes from the house. Now the kids had told me they had never actually eaten inside the restaurant but they regularly order take out. It was a good meal. 

After my son arrived we ate and did our ritual of walking down to the marina to see what the fishermen were catching and to capture the amazing and most times colorful sunsets I’ve seen. I don’t live near the coastal shores so my  sunsets are not as spectacular. 

As we walked to the fishing pier, we noticed hoards of people which was odd for a smaller town like Des Moines. My son told me, “these folks here are playing Pokemon Go.” “What!” I replied shockingly. As we passed them by, they were all on their cell phones and walking about collecting balls and catching Pokemon. I’m not known to be a bystander, so of course I opened my cell and began playing. 

What a bonding and social craziness. The three of us (my kids and me) and the hundreds of others who from many different ages and nationalities all playing with no fighting or arguing…just at peace playing a childhood game…Pokemon

#singleasianmale #relationship #life #family #pokemongo


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