#137 (hiking poo poo point)

I’m not sure how Poo Poo Point got its name, but it does make you feel “pooped” once you’ve completed the climb up and down from the base to the top and back. There are several ways to reach the top. My hiking party (my son and his girlfriend) decided to take the route from Chirico trailhead. This route is the shortest at 7.6 miles round trip.

This trail is heavily traveled by hikers of all ages, including the four-legged k9 family member. Be sure to take plenty of water as the climb up is an elevation gain of 1950+ feet in about 3.8 miles. The highest point is just over 2000 feet. 

The Chirico trailhead starts at a gravel parking lot and a grassy field. After crossing the grassy area, the trail it is a steady climb. There were only a few spots where the terrain was relatively flat and you can actually walk easily. The other parts of the trail are inclined. In the lower half of the trail, there are ticks placed perfectly for a stone steps that provided good footing. 

There are also other areas towards near the halfway mark where you’ll need to take caution in your footsteps as there are different sized rocks laid down for a path. Luckily it wasn’t raining as if it were they would be slippery and treacherous. 

Near the middle point of the climb, the trail widens giving an illusion that you’re almost done. On the contrary this is the start of even steeper terrain. There’s not many switchbacks, so the inclined slope gets steeper than 45 degrees. Take your time as you’ll burn out before you get to the refreshing views at the top. 

This trail from Chirico to Poo Poo Point opens to a meadow like field where paragliders jump off. Now if you don’t have a map, you would think it was the top (as my hiking party thought). I checked my hike app (AllTrails) and learned there were another 200′ climb to the highest point. 

We took a short breather and watched a paraglider float in the air. I thought to myself, “that would be fun to try one day.” But today, I’m just enjoying the cool breeze. After about a half hour, we decided to continue to the highest point. 

This last leg of the trail was probably the easiest part of the hike up. We reached the top and was utterly amazed at the views. It was a clear day and we could see Lake Sammamish and the tall buildings of downtown Bellevue, WA. Also at the top, the breeze is stronger and also cooler. So be sure to pack a jacket. 

After another 30 minutes break, we decided to begin our descent. We decided to take another break at the initial landing 200′ below the top. There was a paraglider testing out his equipment. I really thought he would jump off, but no such luck for capturing that moment. We continued our descent and found it was much faster and not as tortuous. My breathing was definitely not as labored coming down than going up. 

We reached the bottom and found a sign that stated: “LOOK UP AND DONT CROSS IF A PARAGLIDER IS APPROACHING”. The grass field we crossed at the beginning now made sense as that was the landing strip for the paragliders who jumped off the side of Poo Poo Point. 

For the Pokemon Go players, there were plenty of Pokemon to catch along the trail. There’s even a couple of poke stops and a Pokemon gym at the top of poo poo point.

Hike #8 summary:

  • place: West Tiger Mountain in issaquah, WA: Chirico trailhead to Poo Poo Point
  • miles hiked: 7.6 miles
  • trail type: in and back
  • elevation change: 1945′
  • weather: sunny with a slight breeze
  • temp: middle to high 60s 
  • hiking time: 4.5 hours because we stopped and watched paragliders

#singleasianmale #menshealth #life #hiking #poopoopoint #tigermountain #pacificnorthwest #pokemongo


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