#138 (small town USA)

The work week was almost over and I was  ready for the weekend adventures with S. During the summers, many of the small towns surrounding the Portland area hold free summer evening concerts. 

In S’s town, there was one of these such events that featured a local band called The Jackalope Saints playing on Thursday. When S invited me, I thought to myself, “It’s almost the weekend. Why not!” So we planned to meet up at the concert in her town. One of her best friends were also joining us. 

It turned out this friend of S knew two of the band members. The concert were not like those big productions where knowing the band members would get you in the backstage access and the after party. There’s no such thing in these small town venues. 

The band had a soul, blues, and bluegrass sound. They wrote their own songs and didn’t play any cover songs. So none of their songs resonated with me. Also the arrangement to most of their songs were okay and probably could have been arranged different (but who am I to judge). After all I’m an IT guy. 

Their vocals were also just okay. Nothing too inspiring or something I would remember afterwards. Their music isn’t like those tunes that stick in your head. For me, none of their songs had that catchy rhythm that gets stuck in your head. But overall the band and their music were okay. They have a local following and would probably just remain local. 

After the concert, S and I went out for another round of drinks with her friend, who apparently picked up a date during the concert while in the beer line. I had to drive home later that night, so I was the sober one and drank iced tea. It turned out S knew the brother of her friend’s date, who also grew up in the neighboring small town. 

I guess everyone knows everyone in small town USA…

#singleasianmale #buddingromance #dating #relationship #life #thejackalopesaints #smalltownusa


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