#139 (wine and cheese)

One of my benefits at work is given all the full time employees paid half day on Fridays throughout the summer months. Of course this means you still have to get your work done. So far this year (knock on wood) I’ve been able to capitalize on this benefit. This past Friday was no exception as I went wine and cheese tasting with S and two other couples. One of couples were close friends of S’s. The other couple are good friends of S’s friends. 

The first stop was a winery called Methven Family Vineyards where S and I shared a flight of seven wines. 

On our first official date, S and I went to the Portland SIP, which is a huge food and wine event – mainly a wine event. This wine maker was there and I had bought a few bottles so we were already familiar with this wine label. 
Not unlike our first date, we purchased a few more bottles before we left for the next tasting. 

Because one of the couples had a time constraint, we decided to forego the next winery and go cheese tasting instead. Now I’ve never been in a cheese tasting room, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. S and I wondered and hoped we could take in our newly purchased wines. 

The cheese tasting room was physically located on a dairy farm. So you guessed it…the pungent smell of methane from the dairy cows and other farm animals that produced the milk for their cheese were the first smells that  hit us as soon as we turned into their graveled driveway. 

Surprisingly that nasty farm smell outside the building was not present in the tasting room. Actually there were no obscene odors, but instead it smelled faintly of cheese – imagine that!

One of the people in our party inquired if we could open our bottles of wine and have it with our cheeses. I guess they had the same hopes we had of pairing our wines and the cheese.  Unfortunately, since the cheese maker didn’t have a liquor license, we were not able to pair our Methven wines with their cheeses. So we only tasted cheese. 

The tasting is free and we took advantage of the samples and tasted each of the cheese that were available for tasting. All in all, we had over 30 different cheeses. It would have been great to have other side items like fruit or crackers in between each cheese. But this cheese tasting room did not. Regardless at the end, S and I bought four wedges of different varieties of their spiced flavored cheeses. I’m from Texas so of course there were at least one that had more heat on the flavor palette. 

The last stop was another winery only minutes away from the cheese tasting location. One of the couples had to leave so only S and I and the remaining couple, who were one of her coworkers, decided to go to a winery called Brooks. 

It turned out Brooks was also one of the wines S and I sampled in the Portland SIP, so we were also familiar with this label. We arrived too  late for a flight tasting, so we decided to simply enjoy the pleasant sun filled  afternoon sipping a glass of wine on a deck that overlooked their vineyard with a backdrop of several mountains in the distance. 

What a great Friday afternoon hanging out with S and not working…

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