#140 (triathlon training bike ride)

It’s been years that I’ve been on a bicycle. Actually it’s been over 10 years since I’ve ridden a bicycle for a distance more than just around the neighborhood. Since I purchased my road bike a few months ago, I’ve only practiced clipping in and out, which I highly recommend before you actually take a ride, even around your neighborhood. Primarily for safety but secondarily so that you don’t look foolish falling because you can’t get your shoe out of your clips. 

After many practices of clipping in and out, I was ready for my first training ride. S and I planned a short training ride on some country roads where vehicle traffic were minimal. S doesn’t like riding in heavily traveled roads, which was fine with me. Since I wasn’t familiar with the route, S led most of the way. I felt badly as the lead rider does most of the work. If we do this route again, I’ll definitely lead and she can lag. 

The route was beautiful with rolling hills and views of farmland where some farmers were out working their fields. We even stopped and picked some blackberries growing wild along the roadside. It was great enjoying the fresh off the vine berry refreshments. 

I did experience an issue with one of my clips where my right foot was not fully engaged as I was taking a hill. It’s quite difficult to peddle up a hill with only one shoe clipped in. After catching up with S, she helped me adjust how I clipped in and out. The clip on my right shoe were slightly askew which required a different and awkward angle. It wasn’t that big of an angle but it’s enough to feel awkward. 

After readjusting the position of clipping in, I had no more issues for the rest of the training ride. I also learned I’ll definitely need to buy new shoes and possibly new clips. Great learnings for my first training ride. 

Summary of ride

  • Distance: 11.5 miles
  • Road conditions: rolling paved country roads
  • Elevation: 500 feet 
  • Weather: sunny with a slight north wind 
  • Elapsed time: 90 minutes with one rest


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