#141 (county fair)

In many small towns across the US, county fairs are a summertime event that brings communities together. The county fair in S’s small town spanned several days with each day ending in a concert featuring a different music genre. 

S belongs to a local education association that requires some PR work every now and then. Her association had a booth in this fair that needed some volunteers for the last day of the event – Saturday. She asked me a few days prior if I would like to man the booth with her. I said, “Of course! I’d love to!”

Our shift was the last shift on Saturday which started 4pm and ended 10pm. Yep that’s a six hour shift of talking to strangers. Before we started our turn to man the booth, we strolled through the fair to see what types of food were available. We both spotted the local espresso coffee shop – Dutch Brothers – which we’ll need later. We also spotted a favorite fair food, corn dogs on a stick. Great with mustard. We shared one as each were huge. We also shared a super large Diet Pepsi. Pepsi because it would most likely get frowned upon consuming alcoholic beverages while manning  an education booth. 

We strolled to the association booth and discovered it was in a prime location for viewing and listening to the concert later that evening. Unfortunately, the music genre on the agenda was a heavy rock band called Skid Row. Neither S or myself listen to this music genre and were apprehensive as the band began their sound checks. OMG it was loud and we were probably 1,000 or more feet away from the stage. 

We exchanged pleasantries with the folks who manned the booth in the previous shift. We also received instructions from them on what we would be asking from folks who visited. We were to have folks spin a large wheel that informed the prize they won. We also were to solicit information via a quick survey form. The most surveys collected were 50 from several shifts prior. “Challenge accepted!”, we both agreed. 

We had a good turn out throughout the afternoon. We even had a rush of visitors that produced 5 more surveys resulting in a total of 35 surveys we collected. Overall I think we came in second in the number of collected surveys. 

About 9pm, the band was introduced and they began the overly loud sounds of screaming voices emitted from their vocal chords and electric guitars. I can’t call it music as I couldn’t actually hear a melody. However, the young kids attending the concert thought it was the best – oh wait “the bomb” as the young kids say it today. 

After about five minutes into the concert, we started breaking down the booth we were manning and couldn’t wait to leave. Most of the folks our age were also on the departure mode and left in droves leaving in their wake the younger generation who I couldn’t imagine having any functioning hearing devices in good operating condition, whether natural or artificial. 

S and I both agreed and told each other as we quickly walked out to my awaiting car, “I’m too old for this.” It were several blocks away from the fairgrounds (with the windows rolled up in my car) before we could no longer hear the band. 

Way too loud for our old ears to call it entertaining…

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