#142 (pier crabbing)

I love fishing and prior to moving to the PacificNorthwest I had fished a lot. My step father (which I really call my father) also loved to fish and he’d take us (my entire family – mom, brother, sisters) to the Gulf of Mexico and fish. This was of course when I lived in Texas. I have great memories of those times.

A little more than a decade ago, I worked on a project that required me and another person to travel and perform a dog and pony show of a software product my team developed. Luckily, my travel partner was also into fishing so he and I decided we’d do some fishing in as many cities as we could. We were assigned a third of the US and after our speeches and grassroots show and tell sessions, we’d find a nearby fishing hole. It was a great experience.

S had a different adventure growing up as she wasn’t allowed to go fishing with men in her family. So one of the items on her bucketlist is to fish. Unfortunately the only fishing I’ve done here in the PacificNorthwest had been for trout in a small lake and rockfish off the coast during a deep sea fishing trip. 

So as a compromise (for this fishing trip anyway), we would go crabbing. My last crabbing trip was via a boat that we rented. Included in the boat rental were three crab pots. For this first crabbing adventure with S, I kept it simple and planned for crabbing off a pier and using my own equipment. 

I picked Newport, OR as I’m familiar with the area. There are also several places to relax in between the checking of our crab pots. The Rogue  Brewery was located adjacent to the pier and my favorite hole in the wall seafood place was less than a mile from the pier. 

We arrived in Newport around 11am and dropped our crab pots then drove around the town. I showed S the house I flipped about 10 years ago. We also drove around other surrounding neighborhoods and found most of it remained the same.  There were some changes new construction and remodeling but for the most part the neighborhood remained unchanged. It was great reminiscing. 

After driving around for about half an hour, we headed back to check our crab pots-nothing. We dropped the pots again and walked to the end of the pier sneaking peaks of other people’s catches. There were not many with legal sized crabs. We waited again half an hour and rechecked our pots-still nothing. 

By this time, the bright sunny day had sucked other fishing groups out onto the pier ready to attempt catching what appears to be a rare siting of any legal sized Dungeness crab. We decided we had enough and we pulled up our pots at 4pm and prepared them to be hauled back to S’s SUV. In our last pot, we caught one red crab, which we gave to a neighbor crabber. We also gave them our bait. 

We walked back to her vehicle and left the fishing pier for the last time that day. We shall return and hopefully have better results.

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