#143 (South Beach, OR)

Prior to pulling up our crab pots for the last time, I had provided S with a couple of options for our dining pleasure. One option I nicknamed as “the garage ” as it has a garage door they open during the summer months. They serve an incredible crab cake and fish tacos but are more for the hoyty toyty crowd.

My other favorite place is in South Beach, OR which I nicknamed “the shack” because it literally is a shack with outdoor wooden bench seating. It a great “hole in the wall” establishment that serves great food that is harvested locally. They will also boil the crab you managed to catch for a nominal fee. 

She decided on the hole in the wall eatery. “Great!” I exclaimed. “That’s a fantastic choice and it’s close by.” So close in fact that it actually took us more time to walk from the point on the pier where we dropped our crab pots into the water to her car than the actual driving from the parking lot to “the shack”. S was shocked we had driven, parked, and were standing in the restaurant looking at the menu in less than 5 minutes after leaving our parking spot. 

After perusing the menu for a few minutes, I asked S, “what would yo like to eat?” Her typical reply came, “I don’t know.”  So I asked the question differently, “what doesn’t sound good to you?”  She replied, “I don’t want halibut.” I continued, “is there anything else you would not like?” She said there wasn’t anything else and asked if I would get whatever and she was going to the restroom. 

I ordered us a smorgasbord of seafood dishes from clam chowder, calamari, oysters, candied salmon, Dungeness crab cocktail, and steamer clams. I ordered for what appeared to be more than just two people but I also wanted S to experience the many different items on the menu that were my favorite. S was in heaven and I enjoyed her enthusiasm as she tasted each of the dishes. 

With a smile, S told me, “You spoil me.” I smiled back and said, “I love that you appreciate it.”

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