#144 (prepping for mom’s visit)

It’s been several years that my mother had been up to see me. I’m usually the one traveling down to Houston, TX to visit family and usually during the end of summer before my nieces and nephews go back to school. However this year, we changed things a bit. My mother and the elder of my younger sisters would visit me in Oregon. 

Also since my mother’s last visit to the PacificNorthwest, she was quite mobile and were very active. But her life changed many years ago (quite suddenly if I may add) when she experienced a brain aneurysm resulting in partial paralysis and confinement to a wheelchair. She has gained some movement in her left hand and strength in her left leg, but not enough to allow her to care for herself. 

Needless to say, preparations had to be made to accommodate my mom’s physical conditions. Also her dietary needs had to be considered as lack of movement means not having the same foods she had consumed when she was still able to move freely. 

It’s fortunate that the house I purchased last October had the floor plan with the master bedroom downstairs. I was thinking about myself when I purchased my house, but having a downstairs bedroom suite comes in handy for my mom’s visit. The master bathroom is only equipped with a shower with a low entry, which is ideal for someone who is mobile impaired. Again I was thinking about me when I purchased the house but it would work for my mom’s needs. 

Entering my house has two cement steps. Although I considered the idea of building a temporary ramp for my front steps, we decided it’ll be fine as the steps are manageable. 

My dining table is also another concern as I’ve got one of those elevated (bar stool height) models. Luckily I had previously purchased a set of folding card tables and folding chairs. I purchased those for the overflow table for my previous house parties.

Okay I think my sister and I have considered everything that would affect my mother’s visit, my house is ready…

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