#145 (my bed and breakfast)

I’ve been living on my own for many years now. In fact the last few years of my recent marriage were also mainly on my own. I was a consultant for nearly 8 years which required me at times to live out of state. That meant I would only see my now ex on weekends or every other weekend. Also sometimes when my ex were on her sales trips we wouldn’t see each other for a several weeks at a time. Maybe being apart from each other over an extended amount of time was part of what lead to the demise of our marriage – well maybe from me ex’s POV. That’s a different story that maybe I’ll share one day. 

Since my divorce, and even the 2.5 years of the separation period, no one individual spent  more than a night with me other than my son and his girlfriend. In fact I don’t think S has ever spent more than one night at my house since we’ve been dating. So having a house full of people stay over is rare. 

Now my home has three bedrooms plus a bonus room up and to the left of the stairs. So I can actually accommodate enough for four sleeping quarters. However since it’s just me living in my house, the two upstairs bedroom and the bonus area at the top of the stairs are not set up as bedrooms. One of the upstairs bedroom is my office. Another upstairs bedroom is my home gym, and the loft area at the stop of the stairs is the lounging area. 

During my mom and sister’s visit, my son and his girlfriend also came down and stayed with me. So I had four guests in my house for three nights and four days. 

That’s a full house of guests!!

Needless to say, my  home gym became my son and his girlfriend’s sleeping quarters. I slept in the open bonus area and my sister and my mother slept in my master suite, which were perfect for my mother’s mobility impaired condition.  

During my family’s visit, I was also the chef and host. Hmmm, am I being trained to be an owner of a B&B?

#singleasianmale #relationship #life #familytime #fullhouse #bedandbreakfast


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