#147 (the cult)

One of Jackie and my colleagues who used to work with us were in town for a conference. A few years ago he moved him and his family to California and once a year he and his wife makes the journey north to Oregon for this conference – world domination summit or WDS known by its attendees. 

I only know about this group as last year our California friend couldn’t attend one of this group’s other conferences – Pioneer Nation. So I went in his place. Now the conference I attended were much smaller and were focused on starting your business. Speakers were lined up to motivate and inspire their attendees to make a move and get started on their business venture. 

My venture was actually this blog. I’m not sure this blog would become income producing but who knows. I started it not for the money but for the adventure and the experience as I’m not really that open in sharing my feelings or my life adventures. However, I’m finding it easier and easier as I continue writing. 

I digress…back to the story. 

Our California friend was in town for the WDS conference which was scheduled to begin this past Saturday. We had and continue to tease our friend about being in a cult because of the touchy feely aspect of the conferences. In the conference I attended, there were actually people crying. I’m not sure why…but then again I’m not one to wear my emotions on my sleeve. 

For our catch up dinner, our California friend picked a sushi restaurant in Lake Oswego, OR, and decided to meet between 6:30 and 7pm. The restaurant wasn’t too far from my house (distance wise). But it’s typically a highly traveled area and the short distance could mean an hour in traffic. Fortunately, traffic was oddly light. 

Jackie and I arrived about the same time and was about 15 minutes early. So we walked around the restaurant for a few minutes looking for possible Pokemon stops and collecting Pokemon items. Yes you’re thinking correctly, “Jackie and you are young and hip!”

Dinner was okay but the company was great! So great that I didn’t realize we were sitting and visiting for 3.5 hours. It’s always great to catch up with our Cali friend. 

#singleasianmale #buddingromance #relationship #life #friends #friendship


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