#148 (31 in 31 days)

I only worked out two days the week my mother and sister were in town. I know “that’s no excuse!” But hey it is what it is.  

I made a mistake and stepped on the scale and I shouldn’t have. I had gained another two pounds!! Really! Getting older sucks! Not only had I gained weight, I’ve also gained mass as my shorts were tighter along the waistline. So I went from a waist size of a loose 32 to a snug size of 33. 

So I made an executive decision and now executing my “get back on track” plan. As of last Monday, I’ve launched my 31 in 31 days. So basically my target is wearing size 31 waist in 31 days. Not sure I’ll get there as it’s an aggressive goal, but at least I’ll hopefully see some improvements to my clothes fitting better and less snug. 

As of this post, I’m on day 2 of week 2. Muffin top has shrunk (not yet gone) and fitting comfortably in waist size 33. 

#singleasianmale #life #fitness #menshealth


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