#149 (midweek sleepover)

S and I have been dating for 6 months. At the very beginning we only spent every other weekend which required a lot of coordination with her three teenager’s schedules. A lot of times our plans were thwarted because of the ever changing events of weekend practices and in games that her kids were involved. Let me rephrase…maybe it’s ever changing but rather lack of communication of their practices. 

I was and continue to be fine with the changing and shifting of plans as her kids should be number one in her life. If the roles were reversed and I were the one with kids at home, they would be number one in my life as well. Any other relationship would come second. 

From the beginning and through current day, we text regularly throughout the week and on weekends when we’re not hanging out at her or my house. During the week it’s usually in the morning before work and again at night before we go to bed. Occasionally we would text during the day as we both have busy days. 

Last week on Wednesday I received on of the midday text which read, “Do you want to come over tonight and hangout? You could even stay the night tonight and through the weekend…”

Up until last week, staying over during the week was a thought not even considered as I’m cautious about her kids and how they would feel about some guy their mom were dating was sleeping over on a week day. Here lately they’ve been seeing me on weekends as well. Now I’ve slept over on weekends a couple of times while her kids were there. And the only reason was that we had planned an outdoor adventure that woul be better if I we started at her house. 

She had texted me in the past several weeks with the same suggestion of spending a week night with her. I’ve turned her down on the prior invitations as I’ve usually got meetings in the morning and would mean waking early and driving an hour to get to work. 

However, last week the building I work in required its tenants to work remotely as our workspaces were being redesigned. It just so happened that from Wednesday after 5pm through Sunday evening, I could work remotely. 

“Hmmm maybe the universe was saying it’s okay to spend the week night with S and her kids,” I thought to myself.  

I replied to her text, “I think that would work…”

#singleasianmale #buddingromance #relationship #life #sleepover


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