#150 (stand up paddle boarding)

Another first for me this year is the relatively popular growing recreational sport of stand up paddle boarding. They say…they being the folks pioneering this sport, “it’s a good core workout.”  I say, “Ha!” I didn’t feel it in my core. Rather I felt it in my inner thighs (from my abductors to just above the muscle on the inside of my knee). My quads were also getting a great workout. 

Now like I stated earlier, this was my first time experiencing this activity so maybe since I typically don’t balance on a floating device, I’m engaging other muscle groups than what the activity would normally require. Nonetheless it wasn’t as enjoyable as kayaking because there are many things to think about instead of just sitting back and enjoying the surrounding scenery. You have to think about balance and not falling into the water. If you dip your paddle too far in front of you or leave it too far behind you as you finish your stroke, your board will teeter and totter. I nearly bit it several times, but recovered and avoided entering the water. 

Now when you’re tired of standing, you could also kneel or even sit on your feet. I actually ended doing more kneeling and sitting on my feet than standing. Kneeling provided a better way to enjoy the river scenery as the constant thinking of balance were lessened when the center of gravity were lowered. 

S had paddle boarded several times previously so she had acclimated to the kneeling then standing then back to kneeling. Even though I only did the standing to kneeling transition a few times, my quads were sore the next day. It’s the good soreness you are rewarded with after a good workout.

I think I’ll give the sport another try. I can only improve, right?

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