#151 (4 nights and 4 days)

It’s been four days and nights that I’ve spent with S, her children’s summer schedules, and their emotionally charged conversations, especially between S and her younger son. 

I guess I’ve been on my own for too long that about the third night I was dreaming and hoping to be back in my own place. Albeit I live by myself and conversations with someone else is much better than the quietness of my own resident, I was ready for the peace and quiet and especially the cleanliness of my home. 

The last few days of playing house with S and her kids have given more insight than just the weekends of observation of their family interactions. On several occasions, their voices were raised as if they were arguing but in actuality they were joking and kidding. Then they were raising their voices again and were actually having a verbal argument. 

I later confessed to S, “I still can’t tell when you guys are arguing and when you’re playing around.” Her response were laughter as if it were cute. But in my head, I thought, “Wow, she doesn’t even realize it’s a bit unhealthy,” but I’m not a family counselor so what do I know. 

My family actually carries on normal conversations in normal decibel levels and when there’s a disagreement then there are some heated dialogue, but nothing close to the screaming matches that I witnessed with S and her kids (or with her parents). By all means, I’m not saying I’m civilized. I’m just not used to that way of communicating with my kids or my family members. 

On my last day / evening with S (Sunday), Jackie threw a summer party, which S and I attended. S was carrying on in normal conversational tones without the yelling and emotionally charged emotions in her voice. So I guess that’s just the tone she uses with her kids and parents.

Hmmmm I guess that’s another thing I have to think about if I want to take this budding romance to the next level. I’m just used to a healthier and open dialogue…not screaming matches. 

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