#152 (heart to heart)

After spending four full days with S and her children, it was great to have a respite and be in my own bed and in my own home. Also this past weekend S and some of her teacher friends would be in the annual Portland to coast relay race. So I’m on my own to do with whatever fancies me. 

To continue with my journey of fitness, I had planned for me to ride my bike on a longer stretch. However since I left my road bike at S, I had to fetch it. I had also planned a mid week crabbing session with a work buddy but I also left my crab pots at S’s house. 

I thought I could get both my bike and the crab pots, but unfortunately only the bike fit in my little convertible car. So only the bike was what I would be collecting from S. 

I sent her a text on Tuesday informing S of my plans. She responded, “That’s great! I’ll see you then.” As typical these days, I worked a little longer than planned on Wednesday and didn’t leave the office until 6:30ish. So I let S know that I wouldn’t be at her place until about 7:30, which uncannily I arrived exactly at 7:30. I rang her doorbell and she ushered me in and said with a smile, “Dinner is ready.” Then she turned and yelled for her kids to come and eat. 

I thought to myself masking behind a smile, “Hmmmm, that’s nice!” Followed by a slight panic, “…and what just happened?” Did I just step into the set of the old TV show “Leave it to Beaver”? You know the all American family viewpoint in the fifties where hubby comes home from a long day at work to dinner ready and the children happily bounding down the stairs to meet the…WHOA!!! 

Her children didn’t actually happily bound down the stairs. Her daughter was at soccer practice but her two boys did eat their dinner a little later…just about the time S and I  were done. But for a split second I felt I were in an alternate universe. 

We ate on her back deck and she shared the happenings of her day and asked about mine. She opened up and confessed she had an emotional day as she’s realizing her kids are older and they’ll soon be gone. The dreaded empty nester syndrome. 

We also started talking about her finances and her fears of having less money once her oldest turns 18. It’s too bad the divorce parents can’t work together and focus on not making their children suffer more than they already have…especially their emotional and financial state. 

We talked for a few hours until she was relatively calm and then I finally loaded up my bike and headed home. It’s tough being a single parent. I should know as I was one for a while after my first wife passed…

#singleasianmale #menslife #relationship #life #hearttoheart


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