#154 (crabbing bug)

After a successful crabbing trip on Thursday, and since S had a prior engagement, I decided to go crabbing again to see if I could catch a few more crabs. 

According to the tidal charts, high tide would be around 9:45 on Saturday morning. So I could either leave really early on Saturday morning to catch a few before high tide or leave around 7am and get a little after the morning high tide. I decided for the latter. 

I bought my lucky combination bait (chicken liver and chicken legs), packed the bait traps, and had the crab pots in the water about 30 minutes after high tide. Now the wait begins…

So my coworker wasn’t with me this trip and I didn’t want to drink alone so instead I opted to drive around Newport area. I hadn’t really walked Nye Beach, which is a great area with lots of small shops selling things like beads (I didn’t think that was still a popular thing-but I guess it is), books, and knickknacks. There’s also several coffee shops and restaurants. Oh and most impressively, there were several Pokemon lures. 

After two hours of visiting the little shops and catching Pokemon, I headed back to the pier to find out if my crab pots were full and heavy. Wishful thoughts. 

I started pulling in the first pot and right away I knew it was not as full as Thursday as it came up fairly easy. There was one rock crab. I pulled up the second pot and I had two keeper Dungeness crab and one 4 more rock crabs. Earlier that day, I had planned to leave after the two hours and go on a bike ride near my house. 

But…after much consideration (about 30 seconds later) I decided to stay another two hours and returned my now emptied pots to the waters below the pier. 

Hindsight I should have left as upon my final return to pull my pots resulted in not a single crab in either of my two crab pots. 

I got skunked!

#singleasianmale #menslife #relationship #life #fishing #newportoregon


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