#156 (BBQ pulled pork)

In a few days, I will be involved in a BBQ contest. Well it’s not a real contest in the since that there will be judges and prize money, but it will have bragging rights. 

Lois is basically having a small party at her house (about 30 people). She has a friend that also grills and slowly smokes meat like ribs or brisket and she thought it would be good to have a friendly BBQ cook off competition. 

In the past I’ve made my ribs, chicken wings, and a few seafood dishes on my Traeger grill. All of which have been consumed by Lois and her family. So I want to make something in addition to the ribs and chicken wings. One of the additional type of meat is pulled pork. 

Now of course if you’ve read my previous posts, I’ve got to do several test runs and fine tune the flavor profile before I present it to a mass of people. One thing to note is that I’ve also not made a pork butt roast on my Traeger so this will be new, exciting, and a bit scary to try perfecting the cooking process in less than a week. 

In preparation, a few days ago I bought two smaller pork roasts (both without the shoulder bone and both about a pound). One of them I applied my tried and proven dry rubthat  I’ve perfected and what I typically use for all meats when I slow cook / smoke / BBQ. For the other one I used a different flavor profile. I slow cooked both in my Traeger for about 4 hours and then let them cool off for about another hour. 

Both had good flavor. However, both were also not easy to pull apart even after 4 hours of slow cooking at 275 degrees. So I’m in a quandary that I need to figure out in the next few days. 

Back to the store to get two more small pork roasts for another test run…

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