#157 (the brisket)

Just in case my pork roast did not turn out the way it was supposed to I’m thinking about making my brisket. That’s a 12 hour slow cook art that I’ve perfected through the years. 

Together with the two small pork shoulder pork roast, I slow cooked a steak just to ensure I was still able to make it. The last time I made brisket was about ten years ago. So I just needed to confirm i still had the delicate touch of cooking the steak to the right tenderness so that it melted in your mouth like butter. 
After about 5 hours on 250 degrees and about 45 minutes of resting time, I performed a series of tests. The gentle tug and the gravity test. 

The gentle tug is simply that. Take a sliced brisket piece and try to gently pull the two ends apart. It should pull apart at the slightest tug. 

The gravity is also as it sounds. You hold one end of the sliced piece and let the other end dangle. Then while it’s dangling give it a little shake. If the sliced brisket piece falls away from the end your holding, then it was cooked too long. 

My brisket like steak passed both of the initial tests. The last test was visual inspection of a smoke ring and of course the taste test. There was a nice smoke ring and the flavor was perfection – not that I’m bragging…

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