#158 (my fussy car)

A little more than a year ago – on my 50th birthday – I decided that I would buy myself a special gift. I was single again and had no kids at home anymore as both my boys are adults and on their own. 

My gift to myself was a new to me luxury sports car. It’s a BMW 335is series in the convertible hard top edition. It’s a fun car to drive, especially with the top down. 

Now although I’ve had this car for a short time, I discovered yet another cool feature that at first was annoying. However hindsight I guess it’s cool. 

I was grocery shopping one day last week. Normally, I place my purchases in the trunk but I had purchased other things previously at another store. So my trunk was full at the time. So I decided to put my grocery purchases in the passenger front seat. Actually it was only two of those gallon sized spring water bottles and a bag of sundry items – shampoos and such. The only other inanimate object placed in the front passenger seat were mail. 

I started my car, fastened my seatbelt, and headed for the parking lot exit. Now like I stated earlier, there is nothing typically in my passenger seat if I’m driving by myself. 

As I neared the parking lot exit, my car started  to chime – chime is a nice description. Maybe buzz would be a better word. At first, I couldn’t figure out what my car was trying to tell me, but that annoying signal was familiar. Oh yeah, it’s that “fasten seatbelt” dinging sound. 

“Really!” I said out loud even though no one was in the car to hear my frustration. I pulled off the bag of sundry items and the seatbelt warning continued dinging. I pulled off one of the bottled water containers and the seatbelt continued its “ding…ding…ding” warning. I lifted the last bottled water off the passenger seat and the annoying dinging stopped. 

Wow so the seats have some data gathering sensor on the passenger front seat that knows if there is someone – or in my case – something heavier than mail placed in it.

I guess I do own a fussy car…

#singleasianmale #menslife #luxurysportscar #life #fastenseatbelts #bmw #convertible


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