#159 (last half day Friday)

One of the perks at my current place of employment I can work a half day each Friday in the summer. Actually the benefit starts the Friday before Memorial Day and ends the Friday before Labor Day. Of course this means you still have to get your work accomplished within the adjusted 4.5 day work week. It’s also up to your bosses but it’s highly encouraged to take advantage of those benefits. 

This past Friday was the last of my half Friday work days – it also marks that sad last days of summer feeling. Funny how this benefit also correlates to longer days and shorter daylight hours making it also the start of the vitamin D deficiency season as this also is usually when the gray clouds and constant drizzle begins. 


One of the goals each year is for me to drink at least one beer a month. This is especially true during those warm sunny Friday afternoons.  Last two years I failed miserably as I think in only consumed 10 beers collectively in that 24 month timeframe. 

Now I don’t typically drink by myself and since I live alone I’m not one that would break open a bottle of beer or drink a glass of wine during my dinners. However this year, I’ve tried to be better in reaching that goal. 

During this summer, I found this awesome brew that taste uncannily and surprisingly like root beer. There are several on the market but the one that tastes the most like root beer is aptly named “not your father’s root beer “. There is another one on the market that’s just okay. That one has an after taste that ruins it. Not that I’m a root beer expert, but I do know what I don’t like.

So here’s to all of you. Enjoy your last days of summer…Cheers!!! 

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