#160 (bragging rights master BBQer)

Now I had thought I was competing against one of Lois’s friends, but unknown to me, there were actually 10 entries. And the entries were not all meat. Some brought salad and other vegetables. So it really wasn’t a normal BBQ competition. 

My ribs were truly BBQ in that they were smoked over low fire until the proper temperature for pork were reached. The other two pork ribs entry was good. One had a good spice but was tougher than mine. The other was slathered in some form of sauce. I couldn’t tell if it were smoked on a BBQ or baked in the oven. 

Needless to say my ribs were not selected. 

I was the only one who brought BBQ chicken wings. When I went to see if there were more, only two wings remained in the tray. So I thought to myself, “maybe my wings will get some votes to win”. Sadly, it didn’t even get honorable mention. 

My third BBQ item was a pork butt (which is actually not located on a pig’s rear). The pork butt is actually part of the pork shoulder. My pork was tender and fell away from the shoulder blade as it was supposed to. It was juicy and moist and had the signature smoke ring. And it had the right BBQ smoked flavor. 

The other pulled pork entry was a little tough but had a good spice throughout. The person preparing it actually told me he injected his pork with spicy seasoning to get that flavor. But he also confessed he didn’t allow it to properly rest. So to hide the dryness he plunged it into its own juices and put it in the oven for the last 30 minutes. He served his pulled pork in the same pan and swimming in the sauce. 

You guessed it, my version of the pulled pork didn’t win either. 

So no bragging rights this year. However S told me any of mine should have won…if it were a true BBQ contest (maybe she has a bias since I’m her boyfriend). 

I’m just glad each of my meat entries were BBQd my way and more importantly they all came out at the same time, which is very difficult to do especially if they are cooked at different temperatures. 

I’m okay with not getting the recognition because S, my family, and friends are still my biggest BBQ fans. Maybe I’ll actually enter a true BBQ contest…ha!! 

Maybe when I’m retired from corporate life. 

#singleasianmale #menslife #relationship #life #bbq #grilling #lastdaysofsummer


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