#161 (Packwood, WA)

Twice a year, the little town of  Packwood Washington hosts a large flea market similar to that of the famous Brimfield flea on the east coast. The flea market covers the entire town and I would estimate there are over 1000 vendors, not including the food vendors. 

Now S and I have spent a few Saturdays this summer garage sale hunting but S had never been to a flea market, especially one of this size. So we planned for the Sunday before Labor Day to venture out and experience it. 

Packwood is about 2.5 hours from my house and is somewhat pleasant drive through the country side (once you exit off the main interstate I-5). 

We arrived in Packwood about 1:30 Sunday afternoon, parked, and started our trekking and pecking through the hidden treasures. 

We started at where I typically start and spent the entire time in that little section, which only held about 55 vendors. I found several items that I later used as a night stand for my guest bedroom. 

S also found some pottery items that she purchased at bargain prices. 

We also scored on six antique windows with the original glass that we’ll use in S’s greenhouse project. The seller told us that he salvaged them from a 100-year-old house. 

A brief sidebar…

I’ve been antiquing since I was about 17 years old and at one point in my life, I owned an antique shop. So I confirmed the windows were old and the that the age were correct. 

As an aside, you can tell if the glass is original or if it had been replaced by a simple trick. Old glass is wavy and not straight. So a quick way to test is to gently run your fingers across the face of the glass and feel for the waviness. New glass is flat and smooth. Older glass will have waves. 

Also the measurements of the older wooden items are actually true measurements. Meaning, a 2 inch thick piece of wood actually is 2″ not the 1-3/4″ milled in our current world. 

Back to my story…

After making several trips to S’s car to drop off our purchases, we decided to venture across highway 12. Similar to the other side of the road, we only visited a few vendors. I purchased a coffee table made from reclaimed barn wood from one of the vendors. At the same vendor where I bought my coffee table, S found a cooler (also made from reclaimed barn wood) where beer and other refreshments could be kept cool. 

S and I both agreed that we would return next May…

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