#162 (Ichabod’s Restaurant)

One of the things S and I have done and find we love to do together is to find new places to eat, especially when we’re out on a road trip. We steer away from fast food establishments and chain restaurants and search out different family owned restaurants. 

On our way to Packwood Washington, our route took us through a town named Scapoose Oregon. It’s not a big town and as we drove into the town we wondered if we would find some place to try. 

We typically look for eating establishments that have lots of cars in the parking lot. Almost midway through town, we spotted a restaurant with a packed parking lot (or at least there were a lot of cars). 

We pulled in, parked, and had our name placed on the waiting list. It only took a few (about 15) minutes before we were seated. 

Their breakfast menu was quite large…at least three pages of breakfast options. After perusing the menu, we were ready to order. S and I ordered a chicken fried steak breakfast, which apparently has become our base breakfast item we use to compare other eating places we’ve visited. 

The food was okay. The gravy was under the steak, which was different. I turned my steak over to get gravy on both sides. I guess that’s what you’re supposed to do. It didn’t beat the chicken fried steak in the Longview diner and the coffee was also okay.  One thing I noticed was the portions were not too large to finish. I only ate half my hash browns (as I’m cutting back on carbs). 

Yeah I know…I just consumed a chicken fried steak with gravy breakfast. 

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