#163 (Plaza Jalisco)

After our trekking through treasures in Packwood Washington, we found ourselves hungry and couldn’t wait to eat until we got back to my neighborhood. We had originally planned to check out a new Thai restaurant near my house, but our schedule wouldn’t work for this day. 

So we decided as we have done to “just wing it and fly by the seats of our pants ” and find something else for dinner along the way. 

There were several smaller towns between Packwood and where highway 12 meets up with the big interstate I-5. We drove through two small towns and found nothing to stop and try. 

S turned to me and said, “I’m getting really hungry.” That’s my clue that she needed to eat quickly. We didn’t have anything in the car to snack on. The next town also had nothing. I knew there was at least one restaurant in the next town, which was called Morton, Washington. 

We pulled into the town and drove around for our dinner options. There was a local bar like establishment with a few cars outside. Probably locals at their neighborhood hangout. There were other options in this towns so called “downtown” which were all closed. 

As we drove into town, there was a Mexican restaurant which had many cars which appears to be Morton’s only decent eatery. We turned back and headed to our only choice of dinner – Plaza Jalisco. 

I ordered their steak and S ordered their fajitas platter which had chicken, shrimp, and beef fajitas. Both of our plates were okay. I’m not sure why in the PacificNorthwest fajitas are coated with some sauce when served. It’s not what I’m used to, coming from Texas. 

S also wasn’t fond of the sauce and confessed she typically do not like fajitas because it has that sauce and that the meat is usually dry snd tough. My steak was also dry and a bit tough. 

I told S I needed to make her my fajitas as the Texas method comes out tender and flavorful. She replied, “I’m not convinced that you can sway me to like fajitas!” She continued, “I try places offering fajitas which always are described deliciously in their menus as this one, but always a disappointment when eaten.”

I thought (or maybe I said it out loud), “challenge accepted!”

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