#164 (why are mattresses so expensive)

The last time I bought a new mattress was about four years ago, maybe closer to five years now. It was during the time I was consulting for a living and took up an apartment in Bellevue Washington to be closer to my project.

I purchased the mattress new at one of the discount mattress stores for their $249 twin mattress set. The set included a box spring and a pillow top mattress. I purchased other items such as the mattress protector, twin size memory foam, and of course new bedding since I didn’t own a twin bed prior to this purchase. All in all, I think I paid a total of $300 to $400. So I got a decked out twin bed. 

This past Labor Day, there were lots of advertisements about mattresses, as this was the time of year when mattress price wars occurred. I decided I needed to change out the old and bring in a change. 

I bought this nice 3 bedroom 2.5 bath home in October. I use only one bedroom (the master) as a bedroom. The other two rooms are not set up as bedrooms but instead an office and a home gym. The office was only used to store my antiquities that I’ve purchased. Sadly I don’t have my treasures displayed for me to enjoy. Rather they’re kept in bins. So my office wasn’t getting much use. 

My home gym did get usage. But I only need a small amount of the 12×15 square foot room. So the other part is also used for storage.

I typically don’t have house guests. But when I do have my son snd his girlfriend stay over, they sleep either on my couch or on an air mattress. When my sister and mother visited in the summer, they slept in my master bedroom and I took the sofa in the bonus room. My son and his girlfriend were also here and they brought their air mattresses and slept in my home gym. 

So I guess I’m not that accommodating to my sleepover guests. It was time to repurpose my two hardly used rooms as bedrooms and at least have sleeping options for my overnight slumber party. 

A little digression…

After my wife left, I had two mattress sets. One was the twin set I purchased for my Bellevue apartment and the other was an old queen mattress set. Since it was me and since I didn’t want to buy a new bed, I combined both mattress sets and formed an oversized bed. It was actually 4″ wider than a California king. I couldn’t find fitted sheets (because they didn’t make that size). So I had used California king flat sheets. 

Back to the Labor Day mattress shopping…

S spent the weekend and went with me to the mattress store. I told my story to the salesman and he began walking us around their bed options. I laid on the first bed. It was one of those temperpedic varieties. It felt good and as I got up looked at the price tag hanging off the headboard. It read $899. I thought, “Oh that’s a doable price!”

He took us to the next mattress and I couldn’t really tell the difference. I didn’t see a price so I asked the salesman. I said, “I see the first bed was $899. How much is this bed?”

His response was, “Oh no! That’s the price of the bed frame.” He turned over the advertisement at the foot of the bed and the price just for the mattress and box spring were $4500. 

If I still laying down on the second bed, I would have fallen over and collapsed. Then he showed me another model. This one was the model where the mattress breathed. Nope you’re not seeing things…he said it breathed. This one was $4200. BTW – I rounded both of these numbers to the nearest $100. 

I said I needed two mattresses and my budget was $2000 for both. S shook her head in disbelief that I only budgeted that little for what I would sleep on every night. But I knew these prices were inflated and were gimmicks. Really $5000+ for a mattress and bed frame. You got to be kidding me!

After about another 30 minutes, I purchased two mattress sets and only went over my $2k budget by $200. I purchased a brand new queen pillow top set and a brand new king pillow top set. Both have a ten year warranty to not sag mor than an inch or I get a new mattress. I even got the metal bed frames and delivery free. They also hauled away (for free) the dilapidated queen set that I got out of the divorce settlement…good to see that go!

I spent another $400 on new bedding that contained two fitted sheet sets (one set for each bed), two comforters (1 king and 1 queen), and two coordinating pillow shams (a pair for each of the beds). 

S slept on my new king bed this past Saturday and commented how comfortable it was. Her sister was in town and also slept over my house in the newly repurposed office on my new queen bed and also commented on the comfortable and softness of my new queen bed. 

All said and done, I think I did good in obtaining two new mattresses and bedding for almost half the price of that “breathing” model.

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