#165 (too much stuff)

It’s amazing how much stuff gets accumulated in only a few short years. Now when I was newly separated from my last wife, I purged a lot of stuff and downsized. I got rid of lots of things from old clothes, furnishings, and other household knickknacks. I kept what I thought to be the minimum I needed. I went from nearly a 2600 sf house to a townhouse less than 1500 sf. So I had to purge.  

My now ex wife only took some of the furniture and left the unwanted pieces. When we sold our house, some of the ugly, “what was I thinking” purchases went to charity and the ones I still liked went into storage. Only things I kept were yard tools like a rake, wheelbarrow and other garden tools as well as antique furniture pieces that would become part of my decor again once I purchased my new to me house. That was my plan at the time (which was about three years ago). 

I’ve since bought my house (last October), and new furnishings like a dining table, sofa, and love seat. I pulled most of the antique furniture from the storage unit to fill in the 1900 sf new to me home. After three years of being single, I’ve somehow accumulated a house full of stuff and need to purge again. 

Now although my home decor looks good, I’m finding I still purchase other items to make it even homier. I need to learn to purge when I buy new stuff. 

Worse part is I still have items in storage that I haven’t touched in three years…

#singleasianmale #menslife #life #timetopurge #simplelife #toomuchstuff


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