#167 (Texas style fajitas)

The challenge was laid down during our dinner at Plaza Jalisco to make my Texas style fajitas and convert S to liking beef fajitas, or actually any fajita be it beef, chicken, or shrimp. 

As I mentioned in a prior post, the fajitas made in the PacificNorthwest is covered with some sort of sauce and the meat is tough and dry. My suspicion for their sauce is to coverup the toughness and dryness of their meat. 

The key to making a great tasting, tender, and moist (melt in your mouth) fajitas is the marinate and temperature of you fire. In my prior food cooking posts (pulled pork, brisket), I talked about low and slow. For beef fajitas, it’s high and fast just like grilling steak. 

For the chicken fajitas the key is to make the thickness uniform so it cooks evenly throughout without drying, which is where the toughness happens. 

For my shrimp, it’s also high and fast one and a half minutes on each side. Any more than that and the shrimp becomes rubbery. 

So the date for the challenge was set for last Saturday. S, her sister, and her twin children were to come over and spend the night. My menu was Mexican food with authentic Mexican rice, frijoles a la charra, pico de gallo, guacamole, and of course the trio of beef, chicken, and shrimp fajitas. All were made from scratch. 

Now you’re probably wondering. “How is it that you are making authentic Mexican food and you’re Filipino?” Well my first wife (God rest her soul) was Hispanic and l learned how to make several Mexican dishes and the techniques in bringing out the flavors of her family’s culture. 

Back to Saturday dinner…

S was skeptical that my fajitas were as good as I had claimed as she’s only had the fajitas prepared here in the PacificNorthwest. As she tasted my Texas version, she became another converted naysayer. “Wow! These are really good!” She praised. 

Her sister is from California and also prepares fajitas. She confessed as she made her second beef fajitas taco, “I don’t typically eat beef fajitas, but yours are really great!”

Her daughter didn’t say much but her second and third plates of the trio fajita options were enough to say how much she enjoyed them. 

The next day, S took the left overs Mexican dinner home to her boys. They also devoured the Mexican dinner.

That says enough…challenge accepted…and beaten

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