#168 (happy hour)

Thursday night, the Fab Four (Jackie, Lois, Chad, and myself) went out for a happy hour after work. As typical for any happy hour, someone had a bad work day and needed to vent. It was Lois’s day. 

I have had unpleasant experiences before with the restaurant where we were meeting. I decided I would give the PF Chang restaurant chain one more try. I’ve been to this restaurant chain twice before and both times I’ve broken out in a severe rash from head to toe. The last time I actually didn’t eat at the restaurant. Instead Jackie, another coworker, and I were working late to complete a presentation for the next day’s team event.We  ordered take out from their To Go menu. By the end of the next day, I was literally covered by an itchy rash and was subsequently home for the next two weeks. 

Back to the happy hour…

She told her tale and we like great friends listened and gave her encouragement. As the second round of drinks arrived, the day’s stresses were also being lifted or reduced for the moment. I can tell all was well when Lois turned her attention to me.

She looked at me as I was seated to her right and blurted out, “are you gaining weight?” 

Jackie quickly yelled out, “Lois!”

Lois continued, “do you wear a large now?”

Jackie yelled out again, “Lois!!”

Because I wasn’t sure what Lois was asking, I asked, “what?”

Lois repeated her question even louder and slower, “do you wear a large now?”

Jackie yelled out once again, “Lois!!”

I turned to Lois while poking her semi-hidden muffin top, “no! I’m still wearing a medium.”

Lois continued, “are you happy being with S?”

I replied, “yes”

Lois finished with a smile, “well that’s the price of happiness.”

Once again Jackie yelled out, “Lois!!”

You know you’re with good friends when you can discuss weight issues without feeling badly for saying what was said to each other. 

I think I need to start working out again…

#singleasianmale #menslife #relationship #greatfriends #openness #truefriends


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