#169 (impromptu karaoke)

After another round of drinks, the conversation turned to karaoke. I’m not sure who brought up the topic but the next thing I knew we were looking for a karaoke club that was open. 

I found one and Jackie called to get more information. They didn’t have karaoke that night. I kept looking and found another one. I called and learned their karaoke started at 9pm. It was only 7 so we had two hours to kill. Jackie said half teasingly, “Lois we need another round.”

We didn’t order another round. I found yet another karaoke club that wasn’t too far away. It was close to the only Japanese grocery store in our area. I called and was informed their karaoke started at 7pm and will stay open until 1AM. I got their address and group texted the Fab Four. 

Unfortunately Chad could not join us as he had a previous commitment. Or did he? I searched the corners of my mind but didn’t have an excuse for not going. So fifteen minutes after leaving the restaurant, I joined my wing women at the karaoke club. 

The club wasn’t as we had expected. They rented out individual rooms and the rates were hourly based on the size of the room. The room we rented could hold up to six individuals. The room was equipped with a karaoke machine that was linked to the YouTube app. 

You logged into the room via the YouTube app and it synchronizes and displays your music selection on the screen. I guess with the app you could turn your living room in your home into a karaoke machine. I hadn’t tried it yet but I might include that in my next home party. 

Lois picked out her first song and started belting out the lyrics. It turned out that Lois actually had a good singing voice. Jackie astonishingly commented to Lois as she sang, “you sound differently when you sing!”

Lois continued singing. 

I joined in on Jackie’s comment while pulling out my phone in preparation for capturing Lois on video, “yes, she doesn’t sound at all like she does when she’s talking!”

I took Lois’s video as she finished her song rendition of Air Supply’s (I’m All Out of Love). We learned Lois knows and loves singing the old love songs. After a few moments of coaxing and a few songs later, I sang a duet with Lois (Islands in the Stream). 

I sang (or I tried to sing) two other songs. One was Garth Brooks (Low Places) and the other was Prince’s (Doves Cry). I attempted Sweet Home Alabama but didn’t know the words other than the chorus. Of course I did horribly and wouldn’t have sung otherwise but we were in a closed room and it was Jackie and Lois. So I was totally comfortable singing out of tune, or singing in monotone. Ha!

The hour passed rather quickly and before we knew it it was time to go. Now I’m glad we only rented the room for an hour as any longer would have been only Lois singing. 

Jackie and I agreed, this might be a great place for one of our team events…

#singleasianmale #menslife #relationship #greatfriends #openness #truefriends #karaoke


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