#170 (weekend with S)

This past weekend was the weekend S didn’t have her kids so we planned for her to come up and stay at my house. 

We didn’t have much scheduled other than going to the Portland Timbers game on Saturday afternoon. Hopefully we can just relax and not do much the rest of the time. S typically packs so much activities on the weekends without kids that I’m exhausted by Sunday.

I got home on Friday early evening and looked inside my frig and thought, “I better get to the store to buy us some breakfast items for our morning meals and pick up more coffee. I have both an espresso system and a Kuerig coffee maker. S prefers the drip coffee over espresso. 

She arrived at my house just as I was pulling into my garage. We sat and talked about our day – like an old couple rocking in their rocking chairs who’s been together for a while. Minus the rocking chairs, she told me about her day over a glass of red wine and relived the highlights of my day over my espresso. 

About an hour later (10ish), we were both too tired and decided to retire for the night. But during our conversations, she did request that we sleep in in the morning. “Yeah!” I responded and celebrated internally. 

The next morning I woke up late (about 7am). I typically get up around 5:30, but today was my “sleep in” day. I got out of bed, did my morning bathroom routine, and got ready for the day, exited my room, and left her sleeping. I closed my bedroom door and went about my normal Saturday morning activities trying not to wake her. I even grilled some bacon. 

Yep I grilled us some bacon…and yep it was done on my Traeger. As I typically do, I grilled the whole pack and it’ll keep for a couple of weeks in a refrigerator. I crush some of them and use it as toppings. They’re good on salads, baked potatoes, or just about anything else. 

As an aside, if you haven’t had grilled bacon, you’re missing out. 

Back to the story…

I had completed two loads of laundry, cleaned the upstairs bathroom, prepped our morning breakfast (now brunch), and was about to wake her when my bedroom door opened…

#singleasianmale #menslife #relationship #dating #sleepingin


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