#171 (domesticated male)

S came through my bedroom door half awake and cute as a button. We exchanged our morning hellos and I made her a cup of coffee. The night before I stocked my frig with creamer. I don’t use creamers as I don’t need the additional calories and typically just use some local honey or on occasion a small dab of sugar. 

I also made me a cup of espresso and we both walked upstairs to my lounging area. As we sat and sipped our caffeine beverages, she began cruising through the many tv program options. We decided to stream YouTube and found a TV series to catch up with. We landed on America’s Got Talent. 

As we watched the show, I pulled out my laundry and began folding them. I cannot just watch TV without doing something else. We didn’t talk much as we were both watching or in my case (listening) to the TV. I only stopped and watched a few of them that sounded interesting. After folding my laundry, I asked if she were ready for breakfast. She said she was. 

I went downstairs to make our breakfast while S stayed upstairs vegging. About 10 minutes later, she came down and made herself another cup of coffee. About the time she finished brewing her coffee and adding her creamer, I completed cooking our breakfast. 

We ate and as I typically do after eating, I washed our dishes. 

Allow me to stop here and recap… I cleaned my house, washed and folded my clothes, prepped and cooked our breakfast, and cleaned up our morning dishes…while S relaxed. 

Yep – I own being a domesticated male…

#singleasianmale #menslife #relationship #domestic #housework #cleanliving


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