#172 (crazy about Timbers)

The agenda for our Saturday was to take in a Timbers  game and afterwards try the new Thai place near my house. 

After we ate breakfast and cleaned up the breakfast dishes, we sat for a little longer just lounging and relaxing. Well let me clarify, I cannot just sit and do nothing (in my house). So I was folding the next batch of laundry. Now when I’m in S’s house, I sit and don’t do much because it’s not my house and I don’t feel comfortable enough to just clean her house. However, S can sit and do nothing whether at her house or at my house. That’s an art I haven’t mastered – nor do I think I ever will. 

She did mention to me and in front of her sister, when her sister was in town visiting, “I’m waiting for you to just jump in a organize my house.” But I’m not sure she really meant it so I haven’t. However I think I’ll try it next time I’m over her house and I see things cluttered. 

So for now we “vegged” a bit more that morning while we waited for the time to get ready for the game. The game started at 3:30 so we need to leave my house around 2. We also were not in the army section and had to pick up our tickets at will call. It turned out our tickets were in a bad location and where the opponent’s fans usually sit. 

I didn’t know how passionate S could get about a soccer game (or I guess the actual sport is global football). After we entered the arena, we found a customer service agent and S did her magic to get us into better seats (without paying the difference). 

The customer agent found us seats in an awesome location just west of where the Timbers army sits. We had great seats view no obstructed views. Awesome seats for an awesome game. Long story short, the Timbers won. 

#singleasianmale #menslife #relationship #portlandtimbers


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