#173 (lazy Sunday morning)

After the Timbers game ended and the players came over to theTimbers army, S and I started our exit in the anticipation that the pedestrian traffic to the max line had thinned. We had learned after our first home game to edo until the crowds thinned to exit the stadium. 

Sure enough the pedestrian traffic was much lighter to the max station. Also there weren’t many people standing on the train platform. As we boarded one of the cars, we spotted one of my wing women – Jackie, her husband and their two boys. During the game, Jackie texted me the section where they were seated. S and I tried to find them during intermission, but could not find them. The last thing on our minds were to run into Jackie and her family – but we did!!

We road the train with them until their stop. We said our goodbyes and continued on our way back to my house. As the train car began to empty, S and I found and took a couple of seats together. Before long, S was asleep on my shoulder. It was comfortable having her sleep on me that way. It felt just right. 

As our stop approached, S began to stir awake. Our original plan were to try the new Thai restaurant near our stop. We were both not wanting to sit at the restaurant so we decided to get it to go so we could relax at my house and continue vegging.

The rest of the night and the next morning were as we had hoped it to be – low key and just relaxing. On Sunday morning, we both laid in bed longer just relishing in the laziness of a Sunday morning. The brightness of the sun shone through my house and slowly crept into my bedroom. But we didn’t budge. 

We continued to lay in each other’s arms enjoying and savoring the quiet and still moments…

#singleasianmale #menslife #relationship #lazysundaymornings


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