#175 (the storage project – part 2)

Well now that I realized the rafters ran parallel to the wall, I had to install the cross beams on same wall where of the garage door opens and closes. Not a problem. Yeah right!

As most houses, there are some things that make you scratch your head and rhetorically ask yourself, “why would they build it like that?” You see I would imagine that there would be a rafter where the walls and the ceiling meets. But no! That’s too logical. 

My original design called for three lag screws for each of the four foot cross planks. Maybe it’s overkill, but I really don’t want the shelving to fall. Well it turns out, I could not attach the the third lag screw as there was nothing to secure it to where the walls and ceiling meet. 

After tightly securing the other two lags through the cross beam plank, the 3/4″ dry wall, and into the rafter, I did a pull test. Although there were only two lag screws, the plank did not budge. Each hanging shelving unit requires two planks. I measure out 45″ from the center of the newly installed plank. That would be the center of the second plank. 

The installation of the second plank went much smoother and quicker than the first plank. Four hours into the project, I had two planks installed. Whoop whoop! I’m only two hours behind my original estimate. 

Looking at the pictures, I installed the first post into the plank, then the second went, the the stabilizing bar that attaches to the two posts. Yeah! One side hung. Another 30 minutes, I had the two remaining posts hung and the stabilizing bar attached. 

Another 30 minutes, I had the 3-piece base attached between the two stabilizing bars. The final screws were tightened and the storage shelving was ready for the items that would lead be there. The lucky items are my crab pots and the associated rigging. 

One ‘ready to hang’ unit up…6 more to go…

This one unit took nearly six hours from design to actually storing my crabbing equipment. So the other 6 will get installed piecemeal as I find the time…but hopefully before my one year anniversary of owning my home. 

#singleasianmale #menslife #garageshelving #homestorage #diy


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