#176 (hunting for wood: part 1)

Jackie and I have several things in common and you would think we had grown up together the way we are when we’re together at work or outside of work. 

Now Jackie, like me, enjoys working on projects that requires the use of power tools and other hand held craft wielding devices. One of our first ventures were taking a welding class together. We both loved it and both of us are itching to get our hands on a good used line fed welder. 

Our adventure last Thursday was finding a supplier or just a reasonably priced seller of live edge wood. For those that do not know what is live edge wood, this is milled wood that still has its bark or it has the outermost layer of the tree just under the bark. I have several lighting ideas for my house and I think I want to incorporate in my design a wooden object with a live edge. 

We left work and headed to the address of where this man is selling his live edge wood. I was expecting a farm like setting with a barn. Quite the contrary. We ended up in a subdivision and he was selling this wood from his house. He actually sells his wood across the nation. I think he said he had shipped outside the country even. I was amazed at both his story and his inventory of live edge wood planks. 

I literally could have spent hours combing through the many boards he had. Each board were unique in that the patterns were one of a kind and would completely differ from another piece cut from the same tree. 

After about five minutes after our initial introductions, I spotted a piece of wood that had a very unique pattern. It was a section of a trunk from a spalted maple. It was incredible and measured roughly 3.5 feet in diameter and about 8″ thick. So it was a sizable item. We talked about the piece and I learned the intricate designs found in the spalted maple are caused by various and different fungi growing in the tree. 

After he shared his knowledge of how the spalted maple got its unique patterns, I asked, “how much for the trunk?” 

He quickly told his price, “I’ll need to sell that for $100.” 

I’m not sure if I reacted too fast but I stuck out my hand for him to shake on the deal as he said the last syllable of his reply. He also reciprocated and stuck out his hand and we closed the deal on that piece. I was stoked!

Having realized that Jackie may have wanted that piece, I turned to her and apologized, “I’m sorry. I get in the moment and make a deal when I see something I like.” 

Jackie replied, “no worries.” But I read in her facial expressions that she was interested in that piece. Or at least that’s what I saw.

We continued to browse…

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