#197 (supper club)

This past weekend was spent with S as we had previously planned for one of those supper club dinners where a local chef prepares a multiple course meal that he pairs with a local winemaker. The last time S and I did this was on our third or fourth date. 

The supper club was in a couple of towns over but not too far away. 

Dressed for my date…

Since I typically don’t get dressed up too often I decided to wear a dressier attire: gray trousers, gray and white polka dot long sleeve dress shirt, v line button up sweater, and Stacy Adams dress shoes. I opted to go tieless. 

S wore an outfit matching my color scheme in dark gray and black. She a little subconscious and critical about her body as most women are. I think she’s fine the way she is but of course the voice in her head speaks much louder to her than I could ever do.  

The dinner and wine pairings…

The appetizer was a caramelized pumpkin and pear soup with pumpkin seed brittle and sage. I thought the creamed pumpkin soup was fine but the caramel stuck to my teeth. The sage leaves were delicious and was lightly deep fried which helped to maintain the its crispness even though it was stirred into the soup. 

The wine paired with the soup was an Oregon wine bottled in 2014 by R Stuart under the label “White Sky”.  It was a good pairing 

The next course was a salad made of charred cauliflower, smoked salmon, and fried capers with Saba. Now I didn’t know what Saba was before this night but learned it was a sauce that could be used in many foods such as the salad I was now consuming. The fried capers and the charred cauliflower were delicious. However I wasn’t thrilled with the salmon as it was a pate and not the chunks as I would have expected. 

The wine paired with the salad was a 2015 Eiral Albariño from Spain. It was a good pairing with the salad. I would have prepared the salmon differently and not as a pate. 

The main entree was a Pinot braised lamb shoulder, ricotta gnocchi, and locally grown roots and hazelnuts. This was a delicious dish and wouldn’t change thing.

The wine paired with this was 2012 Remy Sangiovese from Washington State. This was a great pairing and wouldn’t substitute anything. 

The dessert was profiteroles and gelato. I thought there was no thought behind this dish as it looked like the mini buns from a local grocery store and the gelato wasn’t anything to write home and tell mother. In fact, I wouldn’t be screaming from Amy peak as I wasn’t impressed. 

This dessert was paired with a 2015 a Pinot Noir ‘Runaway Red’ made by Brooks. This was a horrible pairing as the Pinot Noir was not the right flavor. The rule for the dessert wine is that it should be a little sweeter than the sweetness of the dessert itself. The dessert was just okay. But worse, the pairing was not close. Not to my amateur taste buds. 

Too pricey for an okay meal…

It wasn’t the best as I had expected. It certainly wasn’t worth the $180.00 cost for the two of us. 

Not sure. I will attend the next supper club event…

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#196 (so tired)

I can’t believe it’s finally Friday! It’s been a long work week with my days averaging 10 hours a day. I’m looking forward to the upcoming holidays as I’m hoping for some shorter or at least normal work days. 

It’s that time of year and we’re also doing more projects with less people. I’m not really complaining, I’m just tired. 

I’m looking forward to spending time with S this coming weekend. We have a supper club date tomorrow evening and just poking around on Sunday. I can’t wait to just have a slow weekend. 

Hopefully you all have a great weekend as well…

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#195 (lazy rainy day)

Can you believe I’ve never seen the original Star Wars movie. You know the one made in the late 70s. After working six days straight and most of the night on Friday last week, I decided just to veg and watch a movie before I worked on my garage project-you know the one that’s been ongoing for several weeks. It was still early morning so I started searching the list of movies available on my cable subscription. 

TV and cable are for lazy people…

I was perusing the list of free movies and found the Star Wars series. Since everyone has told me to watch Star Wars, I thought, “what the heck, why not?” After all it was still early in the morning on Sunday. And as you know, Sundays are my lazy days. 

I know there are lots of Star Wars fans, but I don’t get such the hype. Again I apologize if I offend those that think so highly of the first movie. I guess the technology back then was state of the art but can the lasers be more fake. 

Two hours later…

Of course I didn’t switch to watch anything else and wound up watching the entire movie. By the end, my opinion did not change. It was still a cheesy movie with the fake laser beams. I guess the story plot was okay with the fight between good and evil, but isn’t that most plots of popular movies. Take for example the Matrix series which story is about the fight between good and evil. 

After the movie, I continued with my lazy day and watched my favorite football team lose, and my second favorite football team end their game in a tie overtime play. 

Oh every day should be lazy Sundays…

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#194 (suspended storage shelving project continues)

Its been a few weeks since I started the suspended shelving garage storage project. I’ve been too busy at work during the week that I’ve been averaging 12 hours throughout the weekdays leaving little to no time in keeping my house let alone any additional work. As part of my OCD tendencies, things have to be put out of the way and not cluttered before I can work on other projects. 

OCD but multi tasker 

Although I must have all things in its place, I’m able to have multiple projects occurring in parallel as long as I can ensure all the clutter and mess caused by the multiple threaded projects is removed as a stopping point is reached. 

That’s why the suspended shelving project in my garage has spanned several weeks. As I approached the end of the allotted time, I have to bake in the clean up effort and time to put my tools back where they belong. I cannot leave them out. 

Cleansing and organizing…what a rush

This past Sunday, I devoted a very small part of my day to continuing the suspended storage shelving. It was Sunday so not much motivation to push hard. But I did complete the lagging in of one of the last 2×4 cleats where the suspended shelving would hang. Although I didn’t get much of the shelving project completed it’s still progress. As my high school football coach told me “you win by gaining every inch you reach.” So the adding of one of the final 2×4 cleat gets me closer to completing the garage storage project. 

Storage unit required for another month 

Lagging in the last 2×4 cleat, hanging the three remaining shelving units, and organizing the seasonal decorations into each suspended unit will wait until I can get to that step in the process. Next month I’ll have to retain the storage unit and dole out another $200. 

Poof into the air my money goes…

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#193 (why does WP publish my posts)

This is more of a bitch session as I’m noticing more of my scheduled WP blogs actually posting when I save them. 

User error?

I use the WP app to blog. I first few weeks when started this blog I was typing via my laptop, but I have since streamlined the work in writing, taking pictures, and updating / uploading all my postings from my iPhone. 

At first I thought it was me, but it’s definitely something wrong with their app. Before I save my changes I have to go into options and ensure a future date was selected. Each time I save, I have to go into the scheduling area. It’s a hit and miss. Some times it works as it should and schedules my post, but sometimes it doesn’t. So frustrated that this occurs more and more lately. 


How hard is it to make this change. Unfortunately I don’t tolerate this too well as this is my world in that I’m in software development and we constantly have to test our product to ensure the user experience is favorable and functions as expected.

I’ve confirmed before saving a future date was selected. It’s clearly marked and I clearly have scheduled them (usually 7am on weekdays). I typically write my blog post several days in advance so I’m not scrambling the last second to get my story out. 

Message shows scheduled, but it posts instead 

Lately When I save the updates, WP posts my article as published. The pop up message shows scheduled with the confirmation thumbs up icon. Then I get the notification that my blog was posted. And sure enough, it’s in my posted section which I then have to move it to draft then to scheduled. Why can’t things just work the way they’re supposed to. 

Anyone else having this problem? Please share here. I’m  hoping the WP folks will change their code to not publish scheduled postings. Something about their app incorrectly post things that are set as scheduled. 

Ok my bitching session is over…

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#192 (that’s gotta go!)

The month of my one year anniversary of being in my new home is here. I gave myself until the end of the month to be completely out of my storage unit. 

Of course, nothing bad would actually happen if I didn’t. It’s just a $200 a month I would be saving instead of giving it to a storage company. So I guess the incentive is $2400 a year back in my retirement / investment account. 

Should I bring everything home?

No! That would be crazy of me. But my mental clock is ticking and running out days to unload the items still in storage. Or that’s my initial thought. On the other hand, I guess I could. I have no one to tell me, “No you cannot bring that into my home!”  


So part of the goal is to also sell off things that I really don’t need or want anymore. Take for example my bow flex. I’ve probably used that machine a few weeks in the five years I’ve had it. Worse thing is I’ve moved it twice already. It’s traveled with me to a townhouse after my house that I owned with me ex was sold. Then it traveled from my townhouse to my current house I’m buying and sits upstairs collecting dust. I was crazy to have my movers move it upstairs and reassemble the damn thing. It’s got to go!

I also have two 10-speed bicycles. One is a schwinn and the other is a huffy, which I bought in a garage sale thinking I would fix up. Yeah right! Then I go and buy me a road bicycle a few months ago because I wanted more than ten speeds. Both my old bicycles got to go!!

I just lost my garage…

I’ll have to bring them home and temporarily store things in my garage and living space as I SELL them off on Craigslist. Oh crap! I’m a closet hoarder!!!!

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#191 (bad driver law)

My 29 year old son and I both have a passion of having laws that require adult drivers to retake both their written and driving tests every 7 years. 

There are so many idiot drivers I encounter between my house and work that I’m so frustrated by the time I reach home or by the time I get to the office. Although the idiots seem to surface in the evening commute more often than the morning drive. 

Prior to becoming a full time employee – we call it FTE – my commute was about 26 miles one way. Due to traffic that the time it took to travel the short 26 miles was 1.5 hours (on good days). The longest time was over 2.5 hours. 

I have this rule tat the bigger the city the more potential you have in running into idiots on the road. I would love to live in a smaller town. But there’s no money there. 

I since moved closer to my work. My commute is now less than 5 miles and it takes about 15 minutes. But you would think the number of dumb ass drivers would be much fewer since the number of commuters are fewer. I prefaced that by “you would think…”

My point is coming…

I was turning into my neighborhood on my street waiting for a car to pass as I was turning left and was supposed to yield onto oncoming traffic. The idiot driver behind me leaned into her horn at me as I was turning into the street that led to the alleyway to my home. I looked back and I am started flaring my arms in a gesture that one would translate as “What is your f###ing problem?!!” 

The driver who leaned into their horn returned the flailing hand and arm gestures but couldn’t make out the reasoning behind the blatant offensive horn. I decided I’m putting an end to this stupid driver. In my rear view mirror I watched her turn on one of the streets in my neighborhood so I quickly stopped and turned my car around to see if I could find this rude driver. 

The woman probably saw me coming a hid her car in the garage as I couldn’t find her rudeness. 

I hate dumb ass drivers…

That happened just last week. To this day, I still look to see if i can spot the stupid driver of that dark SUV. 

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#190 (is it Friday yet)

Monday are one of my longest days because my schedule is normally booked solid from 9am to well past 6pm. This particular Monday was even worse as I had a lunch meeting. In the past, if we had a lunch meeting, we were given a free lunch. However since we’re on budget cuts no more free food for us. Well at least not my group. 

Mondays are also status reporting days, work planning, and a myriad of other project related tasks that have to be done in between the back to back and sometimes overlapping meetings. 

Most Mondays are also filled with some rapid firefighting on top of the project work and on top of the full day of meetings. It’s a wonder that I’ve not thrown in the towel and found a lesser paying job. 

Oh wait!! I did find a lesser paying job – my current one! 

That’s another story for another time…

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#189 (the technically frustrated)

Why are people my age not that technically savvy? I guess I can’t relate well to those unfamiliar to the techie stuff as I’ve been in the Information Technology field most of my adult life. Even if I weren’t in the IT field, there are many technological toys from TVs, cell phones, and computers. And tons of apps from YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, and more. And forget about the shopping online. I guess since I am in that industry, it’s second nature for me and any new device or app comes easy to understand and use. 

This past weekend, S and I spent it together. Saturday was a full day of errands and then a birthday party that night. But Sunday was one of those days to just veg, stay in, and binge watch your favorite TV series, or just lounge and nap all day. So that’s what we did as her children weren’t due home until the late afternoon or pre evening. 

Unfortunately she received a call around 2:30 that her kids would be dropped home earlier than usual. Also her oldest son slid his truck into a ditch. He wasn’t hurt (thank goodness) but we definitely had to cut our lazy Sunday short. We quickly got dressed and headed to her house. 

We got to her house, checked on her twins, ran some errands, and settled in. Her oldest son who slid his truck in the ditch was spending the night with her dad. It’s weird that she didn’t actually see him or even talk to him on the phone. I would have expected her to say, “I’d like to see my son just to see if he’s okay.” 

Instead we got take out for dinner from a local sandwich shop based on her daughter’s craving. After dinner, S settled into her association work. I just hung out nursing a dry Riesling and working on a sudoko puzzle. I was still on lazy Sunday mood. 

S had to work on her teacher association club and she was using a technology that she had been using for several months – google docs. It was like watching young infant learning to turn over. You want to help them, but then they would miss out on the experience of figuring out how to do things. I had to focus on my puzzle (which required more concentration as I wanted to just do it for her). But I didn’t and let her to figure out the process. 

At one point I saw she was frustrated and asked for help but she really wasn’t asking as she wasn’t listening and was clearly frustrated. I left her alone again until she calmed. She asked again and became frustrated again. I said, “take a breath” in a tone to let her know her attitude wasn’t helping. I saw her tear up. So I again left her to herself until she was actually ready for my help. 

After about 15 minutes of trying herself she turned and politely asked, “can you help me?” I said sure and instructed her how to get what she wanted. She smiled and said, “wow that was easy!” I showed her basic excel functions, which boggles my mind that S (who’s been doing this work for a year now) hasn’t found a better way to do the things especially that she knew I work with excel daily. 

After I finished my Riesling, it was about 9:30pm. I had to leave soon as the next day was a work day and a full one at that. I left for home. S was now working on reconciling two lists of association members. I figured it would take her an hour to be done. 

I reached my house and texted her to check if she was still awake and working. She texted back that she was. A few minutes later I texted my last text wishing her a good night. 

I woke up the next morning and checked my phone. There was a text from S around 1:30AM that she was beat and was going to bed. Now when I left her house the night before, she mentioned she had to identify which teachers were missing from each list. So from 9:30 to 1:30 (that’s four hours) she was reconciling a list of maybe 400 people – manually. I would have been done in less than 30 minutes as I would have used formulas to identify which ones were not on my list and vice versa. I’m glad I left as it would have crippled me to watch her painfully go through the process manually. The worse part is if I were there she would continue to do things herself and not ask for help. 

Stubbornness is another trait S wears proudly. As for me, I gave her a life line which her stubborn nature ignored…

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#188 (6.2 mile morning walk)

I went to S house last Friday night as we had planned because we haven’t really hung out during the week like we have done during the summer. I think she thinks or feels like something is wrong in our relationship as I’m not down there as often as I was earlier on. But I assured her all is fine and it’s just a busy time of the year. Also my work load at work is heavier than normal. 

I did get a reprieve as Jean’s work load was light again and we shifted some of the projects I had to her. I big load was lifted there and can breathe a little better. 

Back to the weekend with S…

When I arrived, it was only S and her youngest son. We decided to have pizza night, which apparently was what the whole small town they live in decided to do as well as our pizza arrived three hours later and it wasn’t even warm. We were all disappointed and disgusted with the warm pizza that we ordered another pizza from Dominos Pizza and I picked it up. 

Saturday morning, her twins were to be at school at 8am to take their PSATs. This a nationwide test for college prep that gives the student and parent a gauge on the areas they can work on to improve when taking the actual tests that count for college (SAT and ACT). 

S made the kids a hot hearty breakfast, which her daughter devoured but her twin brother didn’t want and opted for the not so healthy pop tarts variety. He’s so ungrateful and I’m glad he’s not my kid. 

We dropped them off at school just moments before testing was to start, which seems to be the norm for this family. There family mantra should be: “we’re not late, we’re just in time”. As for me, I have to be there several minutes ahead of when I’m supposed to arrive. 

We had about four hours before her twins finished testing. So we had several options. We opted on a power walk. Well I told her, “You can power walk, I’ll just walk a little faster than I normally do”. All my life, I’ve never walked fast so why should I start now at 51. 

I requested to have a walking path through her small town as I’ve only seen it from either being a driver or a passenger in a car. S planned our path which took us through the beautiful lawns of Lynfield College (the local college) and through the back streets of her small town USA. There were some areas a little sketchy but it was day light and not too many folks were out and about in this industrial section of town. 

We decided to have breakfast while we were on our walk. The first place we happened upon was still closed but we could see the staff preparing for their customers. They opened at 9am and it was 8:45. We decided to continue walking and go to another place that had a great breakfast menu. 

It took us another 30 minutes to reach it by foot and discovered it was closed due to a death in the family and wouldn’t be opened again until next Tuesday. No breakfast yet. 

We decided to go to the McMenamins in her small town’s downtown area. We have been to this place many times but never for breakfast. It was another 30 minutes or so to get there by foot. The charm of the McMenamins in Oregon is that most their buildings or properties are haunted, or that’s the claim anyway. This one houses a hotel and two restaurants. I’ve not felt any uneasy there but the wait staff have reported strange occurrences on certain floors of the hotel. 

On the way there, S took us through some alleys which reminded S of the time she spent in Nepal. I’ve not been in many foreign countries so I had no reference other than the TV crime shows where a crime was committed near a trash bin in the alley. As we walked through this valley of sketchiness, we happened upon a one-of-a-kind door. 

The door had a bicycle welded to a metal door. I had to stop and take a picture as it was a very cool artistic and creative approach of reusing something that would have probably ended up in some landfill. 

We reached McMenamins shortly thereafter and decided to eat upstairs where you can view the small town. As part of our exercise this morning, we decided to climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator. We reached the top and discovered the roof top restaurant was closed. So down we descended back to the street level restaurant. It’s good the hotel only had four floors. 

We ordered and ate our breakfast and headed back to S house. Our total walking distance was 6.8 miles, which included the brief stair climbing section in the hotel. 

We had 20 minutes before we had to collect her kids from school. It was a great morning walk with S…

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