#177 (hunting for wood: part 2)

The tree trunk I just bought was just the tip of this man’s incredible inventory. Jackie spotted a couple of boards that grabbed her attention and started her negotiations. It was great seeing someone like me working to get a good deal. Actually it’s not hard work as this guy’s prices were incredibly low that I would feel guilty trying to get even a lower price. In fact this is the first time that I’m not haggling. 

Jackie doesn’t move as fast on the deal as I do and we continued to dig deeper into his inventory and walked through a gated fence to his backyard, which were also sectioned into different areas depending on the wood. He had great material for shelving. 

My mind wasn’t seeing what I needed in other areas in my house but instead focused on a block or a beam for my dining room chandelier. He had something close but not one that I had to have. 

As Jackie and I maneuvered back to the front of his house, I saw the birds eye alder again but from a different angle. It was magnificent specimen of an awesome tree. I’ve not seen a birds eye alder before today as I’m from the South and accustomed to seeing bunches of quarter sawn oak, pine, and mahogany. An occasional walnut or poplar might be spotted and in rare and lucky instances, a furniture piece made of birds eye maple might be seen, but never a birds eye alder. 

As I was pointing and grabbing for the birds eye alder, I asked, “how much for this piece?” He thought for a second and responded, “$10.00.”  I stuck my hand out to shake on the deal as my jaw dropped open. “I’ll take it!” I said. 

I could believe it, I just bought a plank of birds eye alder measuring approximately 5′ tall and about 24″ wide for $10.00. My total came to $110.00. 

Soon after Jackie secured her two pieces and we paid the man, we loaded up and headed back to our area of the state, which was about an hour away. Jackie and I were both stoked with our finds. We vowed we would return in a couple of weeks after he replenished his inventory…

#singleasianmale #menslife #liveedgewood #chandelier #diy #birdseye #alder


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