#180 (cooked, cleaned, and gone)

As we were pulling out from her street, S began her recap of the afternoon. Now before I jump into our dialogue I have to describe her constant emotionally charged state. What I’ve noticed about S is that she overthinks things and makes a lot of assumptions and believes them into some false reality. But I think a lot of people are that way regardless of gender. 

She’s also a very emotional being and wears a lot of her emotions on her sleeve. Now back to our dialogue…

She says while she was driving towards her daughter’s school, “I noticed you’re a little short when you’re talking to me today…which is okay. I would like to know why so we can talk about it…”

“Hmmm…should I tell her the truth that it bugs me that she uses the phrase I don’t know too much?…or should I just apologize?” I thought about it a few seconds, rubbed the back of her neck, and responded with, “I’m sorry that I was short with you earlier…I’m not sure why…maybe it’s my time of the month.” I continued rubbing the back of her neck and continued, “or maybe it’s your mismatched outfit…”

She chuckled a little at the last statement as it clearly was not a cute outfit, and she would probably not have worn what she was wearing out in public if she weren’t working in her garage. 

I’m not sure how she would have taken the truth, or if it would have escalated into more than it really was. In the grand scheme of all the important things in life, this was very trivial. 

I continued rubbing her shoulder and confirmed once again that nothing was wrong. 

We reached her children’s school and realized neither of us had our cell phones. So I went into a door that was propped open looking for her daughter in a school that I was not familiar with. About ten minutes later, I emerged from the school with her daughter and one of her friends that we were giving a ride home.

I jumped in the back seat with her daughter’s friend and S jumped into the passenger front seat. We drove as if all were back to normal. 

We returned back to S’s house and I resumed cooking. I asked S how I should heat up the fajitas and you guessed it…her reply was “I don’t know .” Imagine that! 

I turned away not saying a word and entered into my own space and focused on completing the meal. I decided to use her oven to reheat the fajitas and stood there looking at the dials for a bit to understand / locate the buttons that operated the oven. I’m glad the writings on the buttons were readable…I would hate to ask because it would be the same response. I found the correct buttons and started to heat the oven. I placed the left over chicken and beef skirt fajitas into her oven and went back to the stove focusing on the next item. 

About 20 minutes later, I had the fajitas warmed, sliced and plated, the tortillas were heated and stored in the tortilla holder to keep warm, mashed half of the beans for refried beans, dished up the remaining whole beans, made up a fresh batch of pico de gallo and dished it in a bowl and placed that on the table, grated the small amount of cheddar cheese, and lastly I made a fresh batch of homemade guacamole dip. The table was set. 

Not sure what S were doing but informed her dinner were ready. Her children, her parents and herself found their places around the table and began plating their food and began eating. This included S. I miscalculated the amount of tortillas to warm and got back up to warm more. By the time I finished heating the last of the tortillas, I took a seat and quietly made my burrito and began eating. Most of her family were done eating. 

I ate and shortly after dinner, I cleaned up my cooking dishes and put the remaining food away in her refrigerator. We satva little bit on the couch and watched the remaining few minutes of Sunday night football. Yeah my Steelers won! That was the highlight of the night. 

About 30 minutes after the game ended, and after cleaning up my dinner dishes, I informed S I was leaving. She walked me to my car and I gave her a kiss goodnight. 

I couldn’t wait to get home!!!….

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