#181 (work gets in the way)

There’s not much to write today. As the title eludes to I worked long hours this week. After rereading the title again it sounds like a play on words for a lyric in Gloria Estefan’s Words Get in the Way, but it’s not. Work gets in the way of my having fun or at least doing what I’d rather be doing at the time. 

This past week has been crazy and felt like it was a full moon every day. Crazy emails, weird personality issues (not mine). Also, this past week I’ve been at work late at night and have been either the last one or one of the last ones to leave. I would rather leave by at least 5pm everyday. Since I’ve taken on and additional team I haven’t had much time to breath. But it’s okay for now. I mean what else am I going to do with my time at night. There’s onlyso much cleaning house and laundry one can do. 

At least I still have my weekends where I can do fun things like for me…home projects. 

Speaking of home projects. I’ve got my winter projects lined up. I’m tackling my stairs (Jackie would be happy), I’m tackling the living room lighting chandelier, and the tree trunk coffee table. 

As for S and I, we’re still good. We’ve made some plans to just lay low this weekend, maybe take in a movie. Hopefully that’ll remain as planned, but knowing S, there’s a large probability the low key plans will change.  

Have a great weekend..,
#singleasianmale #menslife #longworkhours #relationship #weekends


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